Microsoft Dynamics 365 Configuration

Over the years Microsoft has made huge investments to allow for basic/no-code deployments that essentially allows customers to sign-up for a Dynamics 365 CRM subscription and get started in no time with very little investment in terms of customizations and development.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM has a very robust security system that can be configured for secure access to data at various levels. You could have it at record level through Security Roles that again allow you to configure the depth of access. Field Level Security allows you to mark restricted fields as read-only or even prevent any access to the field data for a certain set of users. Working with teams on projects, define Access Teams to ensure all team members have access to all the required data.

Through an intuitive customization environment that is made available from right within Dynamics CRM, Entity Customizations has been designed to be highly simplified. It is easy to go ahead and add up few quick custom fields to the existing entities or go ahead and define custom entities to meet your specific business needs. Business Rules let you define business logic to validate the data and enhance the user experience in Dynamics 365 CRM.

Automation and Process designing has been made easier through the platform that not just supports designing on escalation processes with a snap using the Workflow engine or sending quick reminders for upcoming appointments or overdue renewals. Business Process Flows to design the sales processes to aid the users in guiding them through the process so that they do not miss any steps in sales process set up using Dynamics 365 CRM.

Microsoft has taken its integrations with Office 365 to the next level by providing seamless integrations with Microsoft Exchange using Server-Side Sync to allow for easy email integration with Dynamics 365 CRM. Using Microsoft SharePoint as the document management app, you can benefit from the rich document management capabilities of SharePoint like version management and search features and organize your files and documents associated with Dynamics 365 CRM records in SharePoint. With seamless integration between the two, you have access to SharePoint libraries from within CRM.

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