Create a table in Dynamics 365 CRM from the SharePoint List

In today’s digital era, organizations often rely on Microsoft SharePoint as a central hub for collaboration, document management, and data storage. Just SharePoint lists, while powerful for storing and managing data, may not provide the most conducive format especially when presenting information in reports, or dashboards.  This is where table creation from the SharePoint list… Read More »

Microsoft Build 2024 Highlights: Announcements for Copilot, Power Platform, Azure AI Services, and more!

Highlights from Microsoft Build 2024 As the tech world buzzes with excitement, Microsoft Build 2024 has once again set the stage for ground-breaking innovations and advancements. The annual developer conference, held last week (May 2024), is a focal point for Microsoft’s latest announcements and updates. This year, the spotlight shone brightly on enhancements to Power… Read More »

Use Co-pilot AI to Develop Your Perfect Color Theme: A Step-by-Step Guide

Introduction: With Co-pilot, theme generation for app development will be simplified, accelerated, and made more intuitive. Thanks to various AI-powered features, your theme ideas can come to life in ways you never would have imagined. Co-pilot with Al may produce theme colors, components, schemas, or whole pages. You could improve the following UI visual elements,… Read More »

Finance firm tightens document security with automatic Dynamics 365 CRM – SharePoint permission syncing!

Findango Finance, provides financial services to small and midsize firms having trouble getting money from regular banks in Spain. They offer services such as lines of credit, loans, and discounted products, presenting alternatives to the conventional credit options available through traditional banks. Data Dilemma: Balancing Growth with Document Security As Findango Finance’s business grew, so… Read More »

Customize Copilot using Advanced Features within Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft has provided Power Virtual Agents, which help users create powerful Copilots for a range of requests, from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. Power Virtual Agent allows the design of effective Copilots using various types of features like Generative Answers, Live Agents, and Actions (Power Automate Flow). In… Read More »

Webinar ☁ Elevate Document Management with New SharePoint Security Sync & Attach2Dynamics features!

Are you ready to take your Dynamics 365 CRM experience to new heights? Inogic’s upcoming webinar promises to revolutionize the way you manage documents and security within your CRM system. Don’t miss this opportunity to grow your business without worrying about storage limits! Inogic’s innovative Document Management and Security Integrations have been designed to optimize… Read More »

Effectively manage site security from the Power Platform Admin Center

Introductions: Security is crucial for any website, portal, or application. With the Power Platform Admin Center, you can manage websites within your tenant and access key information. This includes details such as the remaining days before a trial website expires also metrics like the number of sites without Web Application Firewall (WAF) protection or those… Read More »

Simplify ‘Multilingual Support’ using Dataverse and AI-Translate in Canvas Apps

As I work on an enterprise canvas app designed for multiple geographies, translation becomes a crucial aspect due to its support for multiple languages. Initially, I followed the method outlined in Microsoft documentation to create translation components and translate label texts for each language, which turned out to be time-consuming. The method is described aptly… Read More »