Automate Dynamics 365 CRM Word Templates – Export to Word or PDF with new Workflow feature

Our latest release of Click2Export with newly added features has been getting some great feedback from our Partners and Users. Once such feature which all users have been primarily excited was the exporting your CRM Word Templates in 1 click using the new Workflow feature. This amazing feature helps CRM users to export word template… Read More »

Upload Documents to SharePoint from Resco Mobile App

Introduction: Resco Mobile app allow user to upload the documents to SharePoint. Users can upload PDF files, Office documents, images, audio/video files etc. to the SharePoint from mobile. Below options are available for user to upload the documents from mobile app: Signature Capture Picture Choose Picture Select File Record Audio Record Video Use Last Photo… Read More »

Scheduling Multiple Resource for a Work Order using Crew in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: With its every new release, Dynamics 365 CRM never fails to surprise us! This time it has added another powerful feature to it. Now, when a user tries to assign multiple resources for 1 work order, the option to create resource as Crew. Also, two more options added ‘Facility’ and ‘Pool’ in Dynamics CRM… Read More »

Calculate Age in Dynamics 365 as Number of Years using Microsoft Flow

Introduction: If we want to calculate the Age in no of years using OOB Birthdate field in CRM we can use multiple ways here in this blog we tried to achieve this functionality using Microsoft Flow. To calculate Age we have used contact entity, so this flow will trigger once the record is created in… Read More »

{Announcing} Attach2Dynamics – Drag, Drop and Manage Dynamics 365 Documents in SharePoint or DropBox – The Windows Explorer Way!

We have been popularily known as the clicks saving family 😉 .. after Click2Clone (One Click Solution to Clone your Dynamics 365 CRM records) and Click2Export (One Click Solution to Export your Dynamics 365 CRM reports and word templates using workflow). It was time to work on our next assignment to save clicks. We have been… Read More »

Resolved – Error when user trying to open Activities in UCI of Microsoft D365 v9.0

Introduction: Microsoft has introduced UCI in v9.0 and above version. While exploring UCI, we noticed one of the user in system getting error, when user trying open Activities in UCI App. This blog will help you to fix this issue and user will be able to open “Activities” in UCI app. Below is the error… Read More »

Resource Reconciliation in Project Service Automation

Introduction: With the release of Dynamics 365 v9.0 Project Service Automation has become more powerful in terms of project management capabilities, PSA version 3 has a new feature added called “Reconciliation View” which is available on Unified Interface. In this blog, we will explore the new feature of reconciliation view of PSA and its resource… Read More »

Create system views by using App Designer in Dynamics 365 CRM

In Dynamics 365, Microsoft has introduced App Designer where we can create different apps based on security roles where we can controls which entities, dashboards different people in an organization can see. As we all know, Dynamics 365 v9.0 came with Unified Interface, which provides the same user interface in all devices. In this blog,… Read More »