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How to create simple Lookup using PCF Control

Introduction: With the new updates of PowerApps Component Framework, now we can develop the PCF control for lookup field. Earlier, there was no supported way to develop the PCF Control for lookup field. However, with the new update, we can do this by using the lookup type property. In the below example, we have created… Read More »

How to convert an editable Basic Form (Entity Form) to read mode programmatically in Power Apps Portal

Introduction: We recently had a requirement in Power Apps Partner Portal where client wanted the basic form (entity form) of quote to be editable for quotes with most of the status reasons under status “Draft”. But client also wanted to restrict users making any change to the quote from Portal for some status reasons even… Read More »

Advanced Scheduling in Dynamics 365 Sales Forecasting

Introduction Sales forecasting has introduced few interesting features and one of them is Advanced Scheduling. Previously while configuring the forecast there was only a scheduling option available in the general tab of sales forecast, but now there is flexibility to configure the scheduling as per the calendar format that organizations use. For example: If you… Read More »

Benefits of Pause and Resume Customer Voice Survey feature

Introduction Microsoft introduced Customer Voice in 2020 to get feedback from the customer and save it into Customer voice entities in Dynamics 365 CRM. They also introduced new features in the Customer voice. In this blog, we will discuss one of the new features of customer voice i.e., Pause and Resume Customer Voice. Please find… Read More »

Kanban Board new feature – View aggregate field values of Dynamics 365 CRM records for easy analysis

It’s a fact that we process visual images faster than written words. Therefore, using visualization apps to analyze Dynamics 365 CRM data by capitalizing upon our natural ability to process images faster is the smart way to go ahead. A preferred app on Microsoft AppSource – Kanban Board – is one such visualization app that… Read More »

How to get quick results by using ‘Global Intelligent Search’

Introduction: In the recent release, Microsoft added one powerful feature called ‘Global Intelligent Search’. In this blog, we will see how the admin can enable this for the organization and how it helps the user, and some tricks to get quick results. Enable Relevance Search: In the Power Platform admin center, select an environment. Select Settings> Product > Features. Under Search,… Read More »

Get 360 degrees view of your Customer using Dynamics Customer Insights

A recent addition to the suite of “insights” applications has been the Dynamics Customer Insights. This is a standalone application that can be subscribed to and is part of their Customer Data Platform offering. The idea behind this app being the ability to collate customer information including transaction history or behavioral actions across multiple systems… Read More »

Integrate QuickBooks Online with Dynamics 365 CRM for the best in front and back office integration

InoLink – a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource – is your go-to app when it comes to integrating Dynamics 365 CRM with QuickBooks Online.  Most of you must be well aware of our popular integration app. But for those of you who are yet to get acquainted, let’s see why our Dynamics 365 CRM friends… Read More »