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Co-authoring feature in Model-Driven Apps (Preview)

Collaboration is the key to success for any business. Microsoft has been working on having enticing and innovative collaboration ideas for a long time. As a result, using the power to collaborate uniquely, one can grow together and can build a strong connection with others. The same power of collaboration is needed in any app… Read More »

Record ownership across business units (PREVIEW)

Microsoft is continuously working on providing a richer and seamless experience while setting up the security model. In the Microsoft Dataverse environments, you can implement the security model with even more ease, you can refer to this doc for more details. In our previous blog, we have already explained the enhancements available while setting up… Read More »

Adding the Power Fx Formula column (PREVIEW) into Dataverse

Recently when I was adding the new column in Microsoft Dataverse from the PREVIEW maker portal ( I was amazed by looking at the new option in the Datatype available named “Formula”. In this blog, we will focus on the introduction and related use cases where this “Formula” datatype can be useful. Formula Column Features:… Read More »