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How to Know Browser and OS Details in Power Apps using Host Object

Recently, I was working on a project where we created a Login form in the Canvas App compatible with iPhone systems only. Throughout the development phase, we faced challenges in determining the client’s specifics like browser type or device, especially since our app needed to function across specific browsers and on iPhones. Upon conducting online… Read More »

Advisor matching in your organization by using Power Apps integrated virtual agent

Introduction In this blog post, we aim to provide guidance to beginners and new users of Power Apps. Our focus is on helping individuals enhance their knowledge of the platform by engaging with experienced advisors. We will cover the process of connecting with internal maker resources and utilizing integrated virtual agent chatbots in Power Apps.… Read More »

How to directly access Custom Action from Custom Pages in Power Apps

Power Apps offers versatile design experiences, including model-driven apps and Canvas apps, and the recent addition of Custom Pages. Based on the client’s recent requirements, we had to replace the OOB Opportunity entity with the custom one. In response to our client’s specific requirements, we meticulously recreated essential functionalities, such as the “Opportunity Close as… Read More »

Custom Actions with Power Automate Desktop Flows

Introduction A custom action in desktop flow is a feature designed to automate repetitive tasks seamlessly. This blog provides a comprehensive guide on designing and leveraging custom actions in the desktop version of Power Automate flows. The journey starts with a step-by-step procedure to create these custom actions, offering a detailed walkthrough of the process… Read More »

Copilot and Power Platform: Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2023 and What They Mean for You!

This year we experienced a surge in new ways to work day to day all thanks to new Advancements in AI. With various brands and tech giants put up their version of AI for public use cases, back in June Microsoft unveiled their take on AI enabled system, the infamous – Copilot, a collaborative tool… Read More »

Integrate and customize SharePoint forms with PowerApps

Recently, we were tasked with a client requirement to customize SharePoint forms, specifically the SharePoint file properties form within a document library. The client needed us to add and modify fields by changing control types. To meet this requirement, we successfully leveraged PowerApps. In this blog post, we will detail the steps we took to… Read More »

Enhancing Mobile Productivity: Exploring Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile App with Power Apps

In a digital age where mobility and agility are paramount, mobile apps have transitioned from being a luxury to a necessity, revolutionizing modern business operations. Among these transformative tools, the Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile App and Power Apps have emerged as game-changers, redefining mobile productivity for businesses of all sizes. The Dynamics 365 CRM Mobile… Read More »