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How to create simple Lookup using PCF Control

Introduction: With the new updates of PowerApps Component Framework, now we can develop the PCF control for lookup field. Earlier, there was no supported way to develop the PCF Control for lookup field. However, with the new update, we can do this by using the lookup type property. In the below example, we have created… Read More »

How to convert an editable Basic Form (Entity Form) to read mode programmatically in Power Apps Portal

Introduction: We recently had a requirement in Power Apps Partner Portal where client wanted the basic form (entity form) of quote to be editable for quotes with most of the status reasons under status “Draft”. But client also wanted to restrict users making any change to the quote from Portal for some status reasons even… Read More »

Controlling Typeahead Search Trigger in the Advanced Lookup

Introduction: We are already aware of the Advanced Lookup feature that Microsoft has added in the Release 2021 Wave 1. And along with it some additional features have been introduced to trigger a typeahead search in Advanced Lookup behavior i.e., “Minimum number of characters to trigger typeahead search” and “Delay between character inputs that will… Read More »

Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM Integration – Get the best of both worlds with our new upcoming Marketing4Dynamics app!

Inogic has a wide range of distinct (Preferred) apps that caters to the needs of Dynamics 365 CRM users on a daily basis making their work life more productive and stress-free. Be it Document Management Apps, Visualization Apps, Mapping Apps, 1 Click Apps or Integration Apps – we have integrated Dynamics 365 CRM lately with… Read More »

Smartly Manage Alerts, Boost Productivity by visualizing CRM Data in Kanban or Mind Map View – Exciting Dynamics 365 CRM Webinars lined up this month!

Half a year is gone by, it’s time to roll your sleeves, tighten the belt and get ready for round two of target achievement. For this, you need to make use of all available tools in the market to boost your productivity. And the first step should be to enhance your CRM productivity.  But the… Read More »

Get 360 degrees view of your Customer using Dynamics Customer Insights

A recent addition to the suite of “insights” applications has been the Dynamics Customer Insights. This is a standalone application that can be subscribed to and is part of their Customer Data Platform offering. The idea behind this app being the ability to collate customer information including transaction history or behavioral actions across multiple systems… Read More »

How to Perform Basic CRUD Operations using Offline Web API in Mobile Clients

Introduction Microsoft has provided offline ability to use “Dynamics 365 for phones app” or “Field Service (Dynamics 365) App”. Mobile Offline allows users to work with the data in offline mode as well i.e. when they are not connected to the internet. So, in the offline mode, if we want to create or manage the… Read More »

Enhanced configuration steps in Dynamics 365 Sales Forecasting

Introduction Recently when I was exploring the sales forecasting feature of Dynamics 365 sales, I came across many enhancements in Forecast configuration. Previously if you were trying to create any type of forecast (Org, Territory, and Custom) then it was restricted to Opportunity entity only. Now you can observe that there is a flexibility to select… Read More »

How to Identify missing permissions in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction: Dynamics 365 CRM security module plays a very crucial role in terms of managing data like limiting the access to data for each department/team/user in an organization. So, while working on CRM sometimes the end users, such as salespersons, might get some permission issues while accessing any record in the CRM. And they report… Read More »

Customize Booking Template on Schedule Board with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introduction The Dynamics 365 Field Service schedule board allows users to manage bookings, resources, resource requirements, etc. Users can schedule their resource requirements by using simple drag and drop to a particular resource which creates Booking entity record. User can review the bookings on the schedule board as shown in the below screenshot. Within the… Read More »