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Simplify ‘Multilingual Support’ using Dataverse and AI-Translate in Canvas Apps

As I work on an enterprise canvas app designed for multiple geographies, translation becomes a crucial aspect due to its support for multiple languages. Initially, I followed the method outlined in Microsoft documentation to create translation components and translate label texts for each language, which turned out to be time-consuming. The method is described aptly… Read More »

Exploring Cross-Environment Connectivity with the Microsoft Dataverse Connector

We know that Power Automate allows us to execute a variety of tasks by connecting our present environment to the platform through the Microsoft Dataverse connector. This connector establishes a link between our current environment and Power Automate, enabling us to automate various tasks within our existing environment. While we can efficiently carry out tasks… Read More »

Use Dataverse search Suggestions API of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dataverse Search has been a prominent feature in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM environment, offering access to advanced search capabilities. The earlier “Relevance Search” has been upgraded to “Dataverse Search” with some interesting additional enhancements. Previously, we demonstrated how to utilize the Relevance Search API in Power Automate and Canvas Apps. Today, let’s explore the… Read More »

The new look of Dataverse Tables!

Introduction: In the recent Microsoft update, Dataverse Tables UI has been enhanced to help users edit/manage data easily in Power Apps and focus more on their work. Now, let’s explore the new UI of Dataverse Tables! Searching for Tables is now easier: Now you can easily find the required tables based on the classification added… Read More »

Enhanced Experience for Adding Line Items/Products along with price list in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction: Recently, I was exploring the ‘adding products PREVIEW’ feature which was introduced back in the 2020 release wave 1, with which enabled salespeople can add multiple products/lines to the opportunity/quote/order/invoice entities in one go. In the previous blog, we have already explored the enhanced experience of adding products for the opportunity, quote, order, and… Read More »