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Add Custom Buttons on Editable Grid within Microsoft Power Pages

Microsoft Power Pages provide an ability to customize the forms with various subgrids or other controls through Web Pages. Each subgrid can have many OOB button capabilities, such as Create, Associate, Update, and so on. There can be scenarios where these OOB buttons do not fulfill the actual business requirements, and there can be a… Read More »

‘Maker Welcome Content’ Option in Power Platform Admin Center

In the previous blog, we covered how to enable managed environments to get more visibility and control. We also discussed areas that help you scale as a better environment administrator. Likewise, in this blog, we will see the new features introduced in the Power Platform Admin Center called Maker Welcome Content. So let’s get started!… Read More »

Automatically sending Power Apps cards to Microsoft Teams channels using Power Automate Flow

Microsoft has added a new feature called Cards in the Wave 2 release.  Cards are simplified forms that are connected to Dataverse which can be sent to CRM users to capture the required details. In the previous blog, we explained how to create cards using Power Apps. In this blog, we have explained how to… Read More »

Enabling external providers/sources for knowledge search in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

In today’s competitive market, we all know the significance and importance of sources of data and information. When it comes to the business of Microsoft Dynamics 365, customer service is widely used. “Knowledge search” stands as an integral component/module of the customer service hub in Microsoft Dynamics 365 letting users work by searching through the… Read More »

Microsoft Dynamics 365 2023 release wave 1: Automate the addition of columns in Forms and Views

In the new Microsoft Dynamics 365 2023 release wave 1, the “Update forms and views” feature has been introduced that allows users to add table columns to the selected forms and views automatically using the table designer and table hub. One of the biggest friction points for Microsoft Dataverse is the inability to automatically update… Read More »

Send Trailing Follow-Up email in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Power Automate Flow

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM allows users to send an Email to any recipient through Power Automate Flow. Recently we received a requirement to send a follow-up email that should be trailing mail for the previous email after 2 days of New Opportunity. So, to fulfill this requirement, we have used Power Automate Flow to create… Read More »