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Merging Customer Insights Journeys and Data within Dynamics 365

Recently when I had a client requirement for implementing segmentation within outbound marketing, I referred to our previous blog and started implementing the same but surprisingly came to know that there is no outbound marketing within Marketing which was there before. Then I started exploring more related to this and realized that in a recent… Read More »

How to bookmark activities on the timeline in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction In this blog, we will learn about the new feature introduced by Microsoft in Dynamics 365 in the 2023 Release Wave 2. Bookmarks help the user easily and quickly set and swap between the different groups of filters. Microsoft has replaced ‘Remember My filters’ with the Bookmark feature. A max limit of 15 Bookmarks… Read More »

Co-presence in Power Pages

Introduction Co-presence in Power Pages is a powerful feature that optimizes collaboration and communication in the web design and development process. It provides a visual representation of users, facilitates direct communication through Microsoft Teams, and offers a streamlined overview of who is working on specific web pages. This feature promotes a more efficient and productive… Read More »

Enhanced characteristics Setting with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Field Service contains the ability to define characteristics for resources. These are used to record the skills and certifications of a resource. It has information that is used on work orders to ensure only correctly qualified engineers are assigned. Characteristics are the skills or attributes of resources. For example, they will be indicating a license… Read More »

Use Dataverse search Suggestions API of Microsoft Dynamics 365

Dataverse Search has been a prominent feature in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM environment, offering access to advanced search capabilities. The earlier “Relevance Search” has been upgraded to “Dataverse Search” with some interesting additional enhancements. Previously, we demonstrated how to utilize the Relevance Search API in Power Automate and Canvas Apps. Today, let’s explore the… Read More »

Using New Bulk Operation Messages in the Plugin

Make your developers’ lives easy with yet another feature added to Microsoft Dynamics where they can perform operations using new plug-in messages that have been Introduced for bulk operations as below. Let’s dig into this preview feature! CreateMultiple: Creates multiple records of the same type of entity in a single request. Example: UpdateMultiple: Updates multiple… Read More »