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Power Pages: How to Track Changes by Contact (Portal User) in Dataverse Auditing

Introduction Power Pages sites, connected to Dataverse, serve as a powerful tool for modern website development. Dataverse, acting as a versatile database, offers security features, analytics, and automation. However, Dataverse auditing, which logs changes to customer records, initially poses a challenge as it records actions under the application/system user, rather than the actual contact (portal… Read More »

How to integrate existing Power Page sites into a new environment effortlessly using Command-Line Interface (CLI) – Part 2

Introduction: In our previous blog, we discussed how to create and integrate Power Pages websites into a solution and how to configure them. Now, in this blog, we will guide you through the process of transferring existing website configurations from one environment to another and exporting solutions using the Command-Line Interface (CLI). To begin, let’s… Read More »

How to convert Power Page Portal into a Progressive Web App (PWA) & App Package

You can transform your Power Pages portal into a Progressive Web App (PWA) through Power Apps Portals Studio, giving it a native app-like feel and appearance. This PWA approach ensures multiplatform support, making your portal accessible on Android, iOS, Windows, and Chromebooks, across different devices like mobiles, desktops, and tablets. PWAs offer users a seamless… Read More »

Co-presence in Power Pages

Introduction Co-presence in Power Pages is a powerful feature that optimizes collaboration and communication in the web design and development process. It provides a visual representation of users, facilitates direct communication through Microsoft Teams, and offers a streamlined overview of who is working on specific web pages. This feature promotes a more efficient and productive… Read More »