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Global search and Barcode scanning in Field Service Mobile App

Introduction The ability to search a record by scanning its barcode is an intuitive and useful feature making the searching process quite easier. In our previous blog you saw adding of the Barcode field in the Case form. By adding this you can scan any Barcode and unique value of that Barcode will get updated… Read More »

Enable New Schedule Dashboard from Scheduling parameter on Field Service

Introduction:    There are various options provided for resource scheduling parameter. Latest Field Service upgrades (version) introduced these features independently for Field Service by configuring the settings from “Rescheduling parameter” area. Scheduling Parameters in resource scheduling (Settings) are those settings which includes general settings like default radius values and Units, Geo data, Resource Scheduling Optimization. Scheduling… Read More »

Execute JS within rules on the Field Service Mobile for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introduction: Field Service technicians use Field Service Mobile application which provides brief information related to the Work Order, Booking and Service location. And, Woodford application allows us to help customize the Field Service Mobile application based on the business requirements for each organization. Woodford customization application provide various ways to automate process so that technician… Read More »

Generate Actuals from Field Service for Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction: There are various options provided for Field service settings.  This field service settings allows system administrators to set default settings for work orders, bookings, schedule board, agreements, and much more. The latest Field Service upgrades (version) introduced this feature independently for Field Service by configuring the settings from “Field Service Setting” area. This blog… Read More »

Customize Booking Template on Schedule Board with Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introduction The Dynamics 365 Field Service schedule board allows users to manage bookings, resources, resource requirements, etc. Users can schedule their resource requirements by using simple drag and drop to a particular resource which creates Booking entity record. User can review the bookings on the schedule board as shown in the below screenshot. Within the… Read More »

Expanding scope of business and field productivity using geo-analysis & locational intelligence within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps

Maplytics has been one of the pioneers that saw the curve of data analysis and intelligence moving towards the geographic domains and jumped at the opportunity because of its potential. Today, we proudly sit in the Microsoft AppSource arena with a 5-star review and a Preferred Solution badge because we spent countless hours pinpointing the… Read More »

Matrix Dynamic Component within Inspections for Dynamics 365 Field Service

Introduction Field Service Inspections are used by Technicians to log the answers for various questions while working on the work orders. These questions can be related to Security Queries, Asset Property Details, Pass-Fail Test for asset-based on various measures, Customer Signature, Customer Feedback, etc. Microsoft has introduced this Inspection Template feature in Dynamics 365 Field… Read More »

How to show Custom Ribbon Button while working offline on Mobile Device

Introduction: Microsoft has provided the mobile offline feature to work with our data in offline mode even when we don’t have internet access. Mobile Offline features allows us to work with commands like create, read, update, and delete. Mobile offline features are currently available for iOS and Android devices. You can refer the below link… Read More »