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Synchronizing Dynamics CRM Tasks with Google Tasks

Introduction: With the introduction of Microsoft flow, it has now been hassle free experience for users who wish to sync their Dynamics 365 CRM tasks with their respective Google accounts tasks. In our last posts, we have covered how we can Create a record in Dynamics 365 using Gmail Connector and Create Dynamics 365 Records from an Excel on Google Drive using Microsoft Flow. In… Read More »

JavaScript: “Execution Context” provides Form Values on Web as well as UCI in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: No doubt, Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0 surprised us with the UCI feature which provides a generic user interface to users, this is about UI but behind the scene for developers also Microsoft provided “Execution Context” object which is a collection of array. Recently we have a business requirement to perform some action using Custom… Read More »

Capture Image API in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: As we all know Microsoft has introduced many of new client APIs in Dynamics 365 v9.0 which makes dynamics CRM developer’s life easy. ‘CaptureImage’ is one of the useful API for Dynamics 365 mobile users. In this blog, we will see how this API helps Dynamics 365 mobile users to capture image and use… Read More »

How to Retrieve SiteMap XML programmatically in Dynamic 365

Introduction: We can edit Sitemap by using Microsoft Dynamic SiteMap Designer or SiteMap Editor using XrmToolBox. Whereas we can also update SiteMap programmatically, but before updating SiteMap we have to retrieve SiteMap XML programmatically. So in this blog, we will discuss about how to retrieve SiteMap XML programmatically. Recently, we came across below scenario, Where… Read More »

Use WEB API Batch Request in Dynamics 365 to execute long FetchXML

Introduction: Recently we had a project where we use WEB API for retrieve the records from Dynamics CRM. In our project, we dynamically create FetchXML to retrieve records but sometimes Fetchxml have a lot of columns and conditions etc so its length get increase and we this the fetchxml in URL which violates the browser… Read More »

Booking Alert activity on Schedule Board in Dynamics 365

Introduction: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 always surprises us with the new features that are being introduced. One such feature is “Booking Alert” on Schedule board. Booking Alerts in Field services is an activity type which has ability to show in the schedule board. Booking Alert is actually an effective alert for the Dispatcher who is working with… Read More »

Create Customer Lookup in PowerApps using Data Context

Introduction: Recently, we had a business requirement to show customer lookup in PowerApps similar to the customer lookup in Dynamic 365. For example – In Dynamic 365, we have customer lookup of contact and account, using this we can select contact and account. To achieve the same thing in PowerApps, we have to use “Context”… Read More »

Implement offline support for Canvas App in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction: Recently, we had a requirement where customer wants use Dynamics365 CE using PowerApp in Offline mode. Following are the steps to implement offline support for Power App to Dynamics365: 1. Create a default Canvas app by using Dynamics 365. You can refer to our previous blog here. 2. Insert a new Screen in the… Read More »

Create Dynamics 365 Records from an Excel using Microsoft Flow

Introduction: Dynamics 365 Records can be created from Excel using Microsoft flow “Create Dynamics 365 Leads from an Excel table”.  This is useful ifuser wants to create Records for each row from the Excel that is uploaded on any cloud storage space like google drive, OneDrive, DropBox, FTP, etc. In this blog, we will go through the… Read More »

Update I/O parameters of a custom assembly without unregistering it in Dynamics 365

Introduction: As CRM developers we often come across some requirements to accomplish which, we need to write custom assemblies. The unique feature of a custom assembly is the Input and Output parameters saving some of the retrieves thus decreasing the processing time and complexity and eventually increasing the efficiency. Recently we came across a scenario… Read More »

Create Attachment in CRM with Camera Control using Canvas App in PowerApps

Introduction: Designing and building business apps using the Canvas app in Microsoft PowerApps is an intuitive experience with the ability to drag and drop elements onto the canvas. This gives the users the freedom to utilize and integrate business data from Common Data Service along with the choice of 200 data sources. Using the blank… Read More »

Create Records in Dynamics 365 with Canvas PowerApp

Introduction: Now, it is possible to build the business apps without having coding experience. Microsoft provide service named PowerApps using which users can build the apps as per the requirement and can run on the Browser, phone and tablets. With the help of Microsoft PowerApps, we can build the apps that run on browser, tablets… Read More »

The Power of Automation within Dynamics 365 CRM

Businesses generate terabytes of data every year, and that volume of data keeps on climbing exponentially as the companies grow. Business data is the driving force for the success of CRM systems like Dynamics CRM that helps businesses organize and analyze their business data. However, business data entry is usually done by people, and we… Read More »

Is it possible to Create/Update Application User in Dynamics 365 Programmatically?

You may have heard about the Application user in Dynamics 365. The Application user is a non-licensed and non-interactive user in the Dynamics 365 that we can use to connect to Dynamics 365 services to perform operations. Have you come across a requirement where you need to create/update Application User programmatically and do you think… Read More »

Update Smart Sheet at the time of Entity records creation in Dynamics 365 using Microsoft Flow

Introduction: In our Microsoft Flow blog series, we have explored various topics related to Microsoft Flow and will keep on exploring more. Microsoft flow helps us to create a backup of our data in smart sheet. So user don’t need to download excel from CRM for further analysis. Recently while working in Microsoft Flow we found something amazing… Read More »

Automate ILMerge for Workflows/Plugins to Merge Multiple Assemblies into One in Dynamics 365

Introduction: Recently we got a business requirement where we need to merge two assemblies into single exe i.e. one .net assembly and another assembly which would serialize and deserialize, so we used Newtonsoft.Json.dll for it. To merge Newtonsoft.Json.dll with .net dll in single exe it is recommended to use ILMerge. ILMerge is a tool that can… Read More »

Show Lookup Dialog in Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction: In Dynamics 365 v9.0 Microsoft introduces new development feature in Dynamics 365 to show lookup dialog using Xrm.Utility.lookupObjects method. Xrm.Internal.Opendialog is most commonly used method to open dialog where we need to provide URL. But this method is not supported in UCI or mobile app. So, open a lookup window using JavaScript can be… Read More »

Parse JSON string that represents the Dynamics 365 plugin execution context received in Azure Function

Introduction: In our previous blogs of this Integrating Dynamics 365 with Azure Functions series, we have gone through a walkthrough with an example of creating an Azure Function and call the same through the following, An example of directly calling an Azure function from traditional workflows. Register as a WebHook and invoke it from a… Read More »