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How can I set the Navigation Property name for a Lookup Field while creating it programmatically?

We were recently working on a requirement to create a polymorphic lookup attribute. We needed to use its navigation property further while working on the UI part. However, we were having issues using the navigating property of the field for some of the OOB entities. While further investigating, we found that the relationship was being… Read More »

Utilizing the Swarming feature in Teams (PREVIEW) for intelligent collaboration within Dynamics 365

Microsoft is continuously working on the Dynamics 365 feature which leverages the advantage of integration with Teams. In this blog, we will explore one such feature inside the D365 customer service named “Customer support swarming (preview)”. Note that this feature is still in PREVIEW mode. Need: To sustain any business in the long run “Customer… Read More »

Bulk Update records in Resco Mobile App within Dynamics 365/CRM and more!

Resco Woodford has introduced a new feature in the latest release i.e., the Bulk Update option on view. This feature is available in the latest version on Woodford i.e., 15.1. Till now there was no functionality to update multiple records in a single click same as a web client. Now this “Bulk Update” feature shall… Read More »

Lead to Opportunity to Customer in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Get the first step right by automating Lead Assignment!

The success of a business depends on Sales. And sales depend on Leads. But even in this day and age of automation, only 25% of marketing and sales professionals have any kind of automation software specific to lead conversion. This means the majority of professionals are still inclined toward the manual process of pursuing and… Read More »

Exploring sharing capabilities in Dynamics 365 CRM sales forecasting

Introduction: The sales forecasting feature in Dynamics 365 CRM provides the ability to your organization for predicting the revenue that can be generated in a given time frame. When configured correctly sales forecasting plays a key role while predicting the overall success of the organization. Recently, I was configuring sales forecast in Dynamics 365 trial… Read More »