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How to get the Entity Form details using Xrm.Utility.getEntityMainFormDescriptor Client API

Introduction Normally, using Xrm.Utility.getEntityMainFormDescriptor Client API, we get the details of default main form of specified entity in the form of sections and attributes list. If we want to get the list of all the entity attributes or sections that is visible on an entity form, then we can use this Client API. In this… Read More »

Microsoft Document Automation Application using AI Builder Form Processing Model

Introduction Document Processing has been a tedious manual task for a while now. With the introduction of AI services, it is now a simplified and automated process in most organizations. Microsoft has been at the forefront of the democratization of AI through its AI Builder services. AI Builder a no/low code service helps citizen developers… Read More »

Automate a process to pick files from the on-premises network and upload them to Dynamics 365 CE (Online)

Introduction Using the Power Automate (Flow) and an on-premises data gateway, we can automate a process for organizations where they want to communicate their systems from on-premises networks to Cloud. For example, automating a routine task when a defined event triggers on on-premises networks or local servers. Defined event maybe when a file is created… Read More »