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Pro Tip – How to use UpdateIf() in Canvas App

Let us explore the use and functionalities of the UpdateIf() Function using some simple examples. Requirements Suppose, we have created a data table in our canvas app, where we have some records. We have created an option set field on the Account form with the name ‘Preference’ where we have different options i.e. Basic, Premium,… Read More »

Use of Print function in Canvas Apps

Introduction We recently came across a requirement to create a mobile app to show the product information. So we have decided to develop an app in the Canvas App. The salesperson can use this app to collect information about the needs of the customer, such as a record of products that the customer wants. After… Read More »

How to Build Responsive Canvas Apps

Introduction Recently Microsoft has released the preview of the new horizontal and vertical container in the Canvas apps layout. While building the apps it is essential that apps are uniform and responsive within any type of device or different screen sizes for an optimized user experience. These layout containers improve the creation of responsive apps… Read More »