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How to Integrate Power Apps with Microsoft Planner using Microsoft Teams

This blog will thoroughly explore the seamless integration of Power Apps with Microsoft Planner to effectively create and assign tasks to users within your organization using Microsoft Teams. The vast majority of employees rely on Microsoft Teams to work, communicate, and collaborate. In Microsoft Teams, apps are seamlessly integrated with other capabilities. For example, you… Read More »

Integration of Microsoft Viva Sales in Outlook and Teams – Part II

Building upon our previous discussion on Microsoft Viva Sales with Outlook in Part I, we now shift our focus to the integration of Viva Sales with Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Viva Sales integrated with Microsoft Teams offers seamless collaboration, sales meetings, coaching, training, insights, and notifications. It empowers sales teams to work together, conduct effective meetings,… Read More »

Integration of Microsoft Viva Sales in Outlook & Teams – Part I

To engage with potential customers, email communication is vital for sellers. Viva Sales is a valuable tool that assists you in preparing for these engagements. It seamlessly integrates with your Dynamics 365 CRM system, gathering relevant information and enhancing it with actionable insights. The goal is to empower you to be more effective in your… Read More »

How to show Teams chat on the connected records timeline in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction We learned how to link teams with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM in our previous blog. We will now learn how to view Teams chat in the record’s timeline. Email and phone calls are effective ways to communicate with customers, but chatting with them casually can also help resolve their issues faster. This gives them… Read More »

Sharing of Dynamics Records through search in Microsoft Teams

In this blog, we will see how to share Dynamics records through ‘search’ in Microsoft Teams. Earlier, Microsoft Dynamics 365 supported enhanced collaboration with Microsoft Teams, You may refer to the blog to know how the collaboration between Microsoft Teams and Dynamics 365 happens. You can also refer to another blog to know how to Share and Update Dynamics… Read More »

Microsoft Teams Rule-Based Suggested contacts in Dynamics 365 CE

Effective collaboration is the magic key to success for many businesses. Collaboration within the organization always helps people to collaborate and interact with each other seamlessly. As we all are aware, Microsoft Teams is a great inbuilt platform available where you can chat within the Dynamics 365 CRM and link those team chats back to… Read More »

Utilizing the Swarming feature in Teams (PREVIEW) for intelligent collaboration within Dynamics 365

Microsoft is continuously working on the Dynamics 365 feature which leverages the advantage of integration with Teams. In this blog, we will explore one such feature inside the D365 customer service named “Customer support swarming (preview)”. Note that this feature is still in PREVIEW mode. Need: To sustain any business in the long run “Customer… Read More »

How to keep track of linked chats and activities of Microsoft Teams in Dynamics 365

In this blog, we will see how to track the linked chat in the Dynamics 365 record’s timeline. Earlier Dynamics 365 supports enhanced collaboration with Microsoft Teams, refer to the blog to know how to collaborate with Microsoft Teams with Dynamics 365. Also, refer blog1 to know how to Share and Update Dynamics 365 CRM… Read More »