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How to overcome the issue of ‘clear fields value’ of Bulk Update command in Resco Mobile App

Resco Woodford has introduced a new feature in the latest release i.e., the Bulk Update option on the view which allows us to select multiple records and to perform Bulk Edit from the mobile app as well. Note: This feature is available in version 15.1 or later of the Woodford and Resco Mobile CRM App.… Read More »

Auto Update Applications on Power Platform

App Auto Update is a new feature in public preview that allows automatic updates of applications. Those applications are installed through Microsoft AppSource. If the applications are installed manually within CRM then those publishers will not be shown in the Publisher list. This feature helps both publishers and customers to keep the applications up-to-date in… Read More »

Bulk Update records in Resco Mobile App within Dynamics 365/CRM and more!

Resco Woodford has introduced a new feature in the latest release i.e., the Bulk Update option on view. This feature is available in the latest version on Woodford i.e., 15.1. Till now there was no functionality to update multiple records in a single click same as a web client. Now this “Bulk Update” feature shall… Read More »

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM + Power Apps Portal Development – Get the best of both worlds!

Today, the Service industry sector has become an important part of the growing economy. It includes IT, Media, Travel, Hospitality, Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, etc. Customer is the king in the service industry. So, it all comes down to providing exceptional services to customers for the success and growth of any service industry. For this, the… Read More »

Create emails in CRM quickly by using enhanced reusable content blocks

Introduction In this blog, we will see one of the preview features introduced in Dynamics 365 Marketing. New content fragment allows you to quickly assemble beautiful mails with just a few clicks. These new content fragments can include layout, advanced elements, and personalization that anyone can use. A content block is a piece of content… Read More »

Adding custom pages in model-driven app with responsive layouts

Introduction Microsoft is continuously working on enhancing the maker experience for app design. The new maker experience is all about designing the pages throughout. These custom pages bring the power of Canvas apps into model-driven apps. We have already seen the modern app making experience in the previous blog when the modern app designer maker… Read More »

Exploring sharing capabilities in Dynamics 365 CRM sales forecasting

Introduction: The sales forecasting feature in Dynamics 365 CRM provides the ability to your organization for predicting the revenue that can be generated in a given time frame. When configured correctly sales forecasting plays a key role while predicting the overall success of the organization. Recently, I was configuring sales forecast in Dynamics 365 trial… Read More »