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Automate Creating Customer Voice Survey Invitations using Canvas Power Apps

In our previous blog, we explored the potential of automating the survey invitation process using Power Automate Flow. We concluded that this approach, coupled with personalized variables in the Customer Voice Survey, provides a streamlined method for collecting and analyzing valuable customer feedback. In this blog, we will consider a similar use case scenario in… Read More »

Outsource your Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform Development: 3 Reasons Why

Inogic specializes in outsourced development for Microsoft technologies like Dynamics 365 CRM, Azure OpenAI, Copilot, and Power Platform. Drawing from a pool of 150+ experts with 15+ years of experience, we provide rapid access to skilled developers, enabling businesses to augment teams or meet deadlines cost-effectively. Inogic’s Outsourced Development Services offer specialized Microsoft skills without… Read More »

How to revert the managed solution’s version in case of an erroneous upgrade (Using CLI) in Dynamics 365?

In Dynamics 365, managed solutions play a crucial role in deploying customizations and extensions across environments. However, managing solution versions can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with updates, dependencies, and compatibility issues. Recently, while working on a solution update, we needed to clone the solution and provide it to the client. However, during this… Read More »

Enhanced way of Handling Attachments of Emails in Microsoft Power Apps

Introduction: Microsoft has introduced a noteworthy addition to the Wave 2 release, enhancing the attachment experience within emails. This feature empowers agents, allowing them to work with attachments more efficiently, ultimately saving time and boosting overall productivity. This guide in general provides an outline of how this enhanced attachment experience can overall benefit while working… Read More »

Simplifying Dynamics 365 Record Creation with Pre-populated Fields Using Xrm.Navigation.navigateTo

I recently came across a unique client need that they wanted to streamline the process of creating new email records in Dynamics 365 by having certain fields pre-populated based on existing emails. The client’s goal was to generate a nearly similar email record with an existing email, modifying only a few specific field details.  After… Read More »

Protect Confidential Information: Implement Data Masking Strategies Dynamics 365 CRM

Masking in Dynamics 365 CRM is essential for safeguarding sensitive personal details from unauthorized access and malicious attacks. By obscuring confidential fields such as Passport numbers users can prevent data breaches and identity theft. For instance, masking a customer’s passport number as C9689XXXX ensures that only authorized personnel can access the complete information, thus enhancing… Read More »

Group Opportunities for better analysis by aggregating the numeric fields in Dynamics 365 Sales

Introduction The Pipeline feature in Dynamics 365 Sales is designed to improve the management of Opportunities, providing a more efficient approach for both managers and salespersons. This feature allows users to have a clear understanding of their entire deals in the pipeline, enabling quicker comprehension of relevant information and facilitating prompt decision-making. Additionally, the new… Read More »