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Converting Date and Time based on User Time Zone in PowerApp for Dynamics 365 CE

Introduction In our previous blog we have explored on how to set date and time fields of dynamics 365 through power app. Handling date and time fields according to time zone is quite tedious task. In today’s blog we will explore more on how to handle date and time fields of dynamics 365 according to… Read More »

Events and Reminders in Resco Mobile App

Introduction Resco Woodford provides many features one of which is, to be used by the technician by working on the field. Resco provides one of the features that user/technician gets notified for any of the events from the Dynamics CRM in the latest version of the Woodford ( Consider that user needs to be notified… Read More »

Add Linear Slider Mobile Control in Microsoft Dynamics 365 v9.0

Introduction Microsoft Dynamics CRM 365 introduced features for mobile and tablet to increase user interaction, user convenience and for user friendliness. This control is available for Mobile, Tablet application and on the v9 version of D365 (UCI). Linear Slider Control This control is used to represent field values in linear manner. To add value in… Read More »

Trigger Workflow and Action from Business Process Flow Stage On Demand in Dynamics 365

Introduction As we know, the Business Process Flow feature plays very crucial role in Dynamics 365, which guides the users to execute their work sequentially with defined stages. With the release of Dynamics 365 9.x, Microsoft has added new feature .i.e. execute workflow/action from Business Process Flow stage as on demand. Means, when the user… Read More »

Copy Agreement ribbon button on Agreement entity in Dynamics 365 for Field Service

Introduction Field Service delivers end to end customer centric experience that helps to organize and manage service agreement, keeping track of assets, inventory management, identifying resources and allocation of work orders to resources. Managing Service Agreements is also a crucial part in Field Service. One good feature provided in Field Service is “Copy Agreement” button… Read More »

Solution History Entity in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction Many times the customer wants to see the history of managed and unmanaged solutions so in this blog we will see how this can be implemented using “Solution History.” A solution is a container that encompasses Dynamics 365 CRM components. It is available in two flavors Managed and Unmanaged. Managed solutions are usually used… Read More »

Send SMS to user when a new record is created in Dynamics 365 CRM using Nexmo

Introduction Many times manager or higher management wants to receive SMS notification in their smart phone whenever any record is created in Dynamics CRM. Lets see how this is possible using Nexmo. Consider a senario where Sales manager wants SMS in their smart phone whenever Account record is created in their Environment. To make this… Read More »

Find Who Cloned Product In Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM?

Introduction Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a treasure box which includes Sales, Service, Settings and so on. In this blog, we are going to explorer one of the valuable piece in this treasure box which named as Product. So this is something about the OOB “CLONE” button on Product entity, which ease our job by making… Read More »