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Controlling Typeahead Search Trigger in the Advanced Lookup

Introduction: We are already aware of the Advanced Lookup feature that Microsoft has added in the Release 2021 Wave 1. And along with it some additional features have been introduced to trigger a typeahead search in Advanced Lookup behavior i.e., “Minimum number of characters to trigger typeahead search” and “Delay between character inputs that will… Read More »

How to Read and Set Date Format of Logged-in User in PCF Control

Introduction Recently in our PCF control, we got the requirement that when the user selects a date from the calendar control then that date format should be of logged-in user. In this blog, we will check how to achieve the same. Scenario: Here is my current user settings in Dynamics 365 CRM. As you can… Read More »

How to Read URL Parameters from URL using uriQuery() function in Power Automate

Introduction In this blog, we will see how to read the parameter from the URL in Power Automate. For example, let’s take the below URL: Here, we have passed Employee Id and Employee Name in the web URL and now we have to get those two parameters from URL. There is one inbuilt function… Read More »

How to Bulk Update Prices in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction While working on the Product Catalog, I noticed that there are “Updated Prices” button on the “Price List Item”, “Role Prices” and “Category Prices” table sub-grids present on the “Price List” table record that gives provision to bulk update the pricing i.e., increase/decrease prices by a certain percentage. Update Prices button on Price List… Read More »

Actionable messages in Microsoft Teams with Adaptive Cards using Power Automate Flows

In one of our earlier blog, we had looked at approvals connector that would allow us to send an approval message to select users and wait to receive their response before further action is initiated. The approvals are presented through a power automate mobile app or can be accessed from the flow portal. Microsoft Teams… Read More »

Document Automation with Forms Processing model using AI Builder Connector in Power Automate Flows

Introduction In our earlier article, we explored the reference app released by Microsoft for Document Automation using the Form Processing model of AI Builder. The app that is a ready-to-use sample app demonstrates the process of reading the form submitted through email and extracting the data submitted in the form and presenting it to the… Read More »

Parse XML in Power Automate and Create records in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction In Dynamics 365, we can create multiple records through the OOB Import method, by using SSIS Package. In this blog, I will show how to create multiple records from XML using power automate. Microsoft introduces many new functions, which we can use in Power Automate. Please find the below reference link of the functions.… Read More »

Bulk Edit Multiselect optionset/choices fields using Microsoft Power Automate

Introduction I ran into a situation where I need to edit the Multiselect optionset (choices) field in bulk. I thought it could be easily achieved by using the Bulk Edit option but there was a problem. I could not do that because when I select the records and click on Bulk edit, the form does… Read More »

Track specific column update of SharePoint List Item when using Power Automate Cloud Flows

Coming from a Dynamics CRM/ Dataverse background and having written plugins and later flows using Common Data Service (Current Environment) connector, I was a little lost looking at the SharePoint trigger for When a list item is added or modified. With the CDS (CE) connector, when you use the When an item is created, updated,… Read More »

Send Email with Dynamics 365 CRM record link using Compose action in Power Automate Flow

Introduction Microsoft Power Automate Flow is one of the cloud-based services which allows developers to build workflows that automate time-consuming tasks and processes across many Microsoft and Non-Microsoft applications and services. Requirement User will upload Excel file on SharePoint site which contains Product(s) name. So, all we have to check is that the same product… Read More »