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Power Automate with Azure OpenAI Services to analyze Buyer Behaviour – an AI app by Inogic!

Azure OpenAI is a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that provides access to advanced artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI. It empowers developers to integrate these powerful models into their applications without requiring extensive expertise in AI development or infrastructure management. Inogic aims to transform the way businesses function by developing advanced AI-driven applications with… Read More »

How to configure a trigger to handle both GET and POST requests effectively using Power Automate

I recently encountered a client requirement that necessitated handling both “GET” and “POST” HTTP requests. While Azure Function offers a straightforward solution for such scenarios, the concern was it should be handled within Dynamics CRM. Faced with these constraints, I explored alternatives that would allow us to meet the client’s needs within the preferred environment.… Read More »

Building and Editing Power Automate Flows with Copilot’s Help

If you’ve already experienced creating a Power Page with Copilot, great! If not, click here to get started. This blog will now explore how Copilot collaborates with Power Automate and outline the necessary configurations or settings to enable Copilot in your environment. In our daily routines, automation has emerged as an essential component, offering time… Read More »

Get working days and holidays of the CRM Service calendar in Power Automate Flow

With Microsoft providing us more flexibility with Power Automate (MS Flow), we can now retrieve working days and holiday details of the CRM Service Calendar directly within Power Automate flows. Previously we used Plugins or JavaScript to get Calendar’s working days and holiday details, but now they can be directly retrieved through the Power Automate… Read More »

Copilot and Power Platform: Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2023 and What They Mean for You!

This year we experienced a surge in new ways to work day to day all thanks to new Advancements in AI. With various brands and tech giants put up their version of AI for public use cases, back in June Microsoft unveiled their take on AI enabled system, the infamous – Copilot, a collaborative tool… Read More »

Exploring Cross-Environment Connectivity with the Microsoft Dataverse Connector

We know that Power Automate allows us to execute a variety of tasks by connecting our present environment to the platform through the Microsoft Dataverse connector. This connector establishes a link between our current environment and Power Automate, enabling us to automate various tasks within our existing environment. While we can efficiently carry out tasks… Read More »