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Exploring Cross-Environment Connectivity with the Microsoft Dataverse Connector

We know that Power Automate allows us to execute a variety of tasks by connecting our present environment to the platform through the Microsoft Dataverse connector. This connector establishes a link between our current environment and Power Automate, enabling us to automate various tasks within our existing environment. While we can efficiently carry out tasks… Read More »

How to use the dateDifference() function in Power Automate

Power Automate has recently introduced an innovative function aimed at calculating the difference between two dates. However, finding the difference between two dates in Power Automate was quite complex, and with the recent introduction of dateDifference() function, Microsoft has eased that out. In this blog, we will see how the process of calculating the difference… Read More »

Seamless Report Customization & Execution with Resco Mobile App and Power Automate

The Resco Mobile App provides a valuable feature that enables users to customize reports through the Resco Report Tool. This tool constructs a report in the form of a template, storing it within the CRM system. Within a form, there is a command named “Run Report,” which grants users the choice to initiate the report… Read More »

Multi-Select Option field in Dynamics 365 V9.2 using Power Automate

Introduction With every release of Dynamics 365, Microsoft introduces a wide variety of features. Some of which open new doors of opportunity whereas some help in overcoming existing limitations. Introduction of Multi-Select Option Set was kind of both. However, as a customizer, we still face a few roadblocks when it comes to dealing with any… Read More »

Manually Map a Contact in Power Automate

Introduction: Service Provider companies manage cases to provide support or service to customers with resolution to the incident reported by the customer. With the help of automatic record creation and update rules, external source data can be captured to create Dataverse records which help to reduce manual efforts and improve the efficiency of service. For example,… Read More »