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Mind Map Visualization of complex family structures, entities, trust beneficiaries, et al. within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Try Now!

Data visualization is integral to many business processes for data-driven decision making. Companies all over the world are increasingly using visualization tools to sift through massive amounts of data and present it to stakeholders and business owners as actionable insights. Let’s understand how data visualization tools augmenting a CRM platform can enhance business productivity in… Read More »

Maplytics Jan23 Release Webinar – Enhancements to Auto Scheduling, Mobile UI, Route Tracking, and more!

Imagine a geo-mapping, all-inclusive app that has a vibrant and friendly User Interface, that offers a clear view of the field reps’ schedule, travel routes, and travel time, that provides a 3D View of the Route, makes navigation easy through multiple apps, allows customization of Dashboard Views and a lot more. Now stop imagining and… Read More »

Outsourcing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform Development – All under one roof!

Hello, and welcome back! In this second episode of our two-part blog series, we dive into Inogic Development services for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform. If you haven’t had a chance to catch our part 1 on Inogic professional services, read here on Inogic Techno-consulting professional services. As a prominent Microsoft Dynamics CRM development… Read More »

Techno-Functional Consulting for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Power Platform by Inogic

For 15+ years, Inogic has been assisting clients with its Dynamics 365 professional services to get the most from their CRM investments to develop stronger customer relationships, enhance productivity, optimize the sales process, and reduce operational expenses. We combine our deep expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform with experience in procedures, project methodology,… Read More »

New Release – Create and Manage Playbooks on Dynamics 365 CRM/CE Mobile App!

Mobile devices have transformed the way we do business, from checking emails on phones to attending conference calls with participants sprinkled across the globe, all while being on the go. Mobile-first business solutions leverage the power of mobile devices to be more user-friendly and accessible, enabling businesses to save time and operational costs. Here are… Read More »

Interactive checklists/plans for your Business Processes to improve sales activities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM!

The ultimate goal of any organization that implements effective business processes is to improve process efficiency to increase productivity and provide higher customer satisfaction, leading to increased ROI in business. Business Process Checklist, the latest app by Inogic, lets sales managers create automated plans with tasks and activities that mirror best practices for completing business processes… Read More »

Recap of Dynamics 365 CRM Apps Webinar Marathon – Make your return-to-work experience more productive!

Many thanks to our thought leader partners and participants who have contributed to make our Dynamics 365 CRM Apps Webinar Marathon – Boost Productivity this Holiday Season a grand success. We understand that pre-holiday times are often the busiest of the year. With office get-togethers, year-end obligations, and personal commitments, this time of year can… Read More »

Happy Thanksgiving: let’s express the gratitude we normally forget to!

Scholars who have dedicated their lives to the study of Human Behavior suggest that while the word ‘want’ has been freely strewn around in every conversation, the word ‘Thank You’ is used pretty frugally. They also observed that the demands being fulfilled were accepted quickly while gratitude and acknowledgment needed to be forced. History suggests… Read More »