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Get started with Kanban Board within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to Maximize efficiency!

Let’s get it straight – Visualization is the best way to interpret and analyze data easily. And one of the factors that help in maintaining efficiency, productivity, and agility in business processes is seamless data visualization. This is why there is a need for robust visualization apps that help to interpret and analyze business data.… Read More »

Integrate Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement with SharePoint – The secure way!

Managing attachments/documents in Dynamics 365 CRM and ensuring the security of data stored in cloud services are crucial for the smooth function of business organizations. Because you never know when or what information you may need or the unknown risks that threaten the security of that information. So, what can be done to overcome such… Read More »

Webinar: Introducing the new Gamification Solution in Dynamics 365 CRM – Enhance productivity, improve user adoption, and much more!

According to a recent survey, around 70% of Global 2000 companies have adopted gamification elements in their workplaces to improve the productivity of their employees. Gamification has become an integral part of many business processes which has opened doors to many avenues and Dynamics 365 CRM gamification is one of them. And to help our… Read More »

Webinar: Real-Time Tracking of field reps, Territory Management, Optimized Routing, streamline business operations instantaneously within Dynamics 365 CRM

Sales is the ultimate goal for every business. However, a lot goes behind the scene to convert a lead to a customer and to maintain that healthy relationship. Every second counts and the delays could break deals. Hence, it is helpful to channel the processes such as lead segregation, appointment scheduling, data visualization, etc. Maplytics,… Read More »

Get valuable insights into CRM data with new-age smart Data Visualization apps – Kanban Board and Map My Relationships!

Recently, data visualization apps have become an integral part of many business processes. Increasingly, companies across the world are taking advantage of these tools to sort through massive amounts of data and for presenting it to stakeholders and business owners in ways that they can understand. Quicker decisions, improved insight into business health, higher productivity… Read More »

Webinar – Give a new look and feel to Dynamics 365 CRM data with Kanban View and Mind Map View!

Data visualization has now become an integral part of analyzing and improving business process in organizations. Visualization tools help businesses to recognize patterns and trends more quickly, simply because it presented analysts and executives with a graphical representation of their processes. The days of analyzing rows and rows of raw data have become a distant… Read More »

From Stress to Fun – Change the way you work with Dynamics 365 CRM using Gamifics365!

GAMIFICATION has become the new norm. Across the world more and more organizations are implementing gamification into their work culture to heighten employee engagement and improve productivity. Here are some interesting figures from recent surveys which augment this fact: 90% of employees feel more productive at work with gamification 60% increase in employee engagement with… Read More »