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Webinar – Copy, Export or Undo, 1 Click apps to boost Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and accelerate business growth!

Repetitive data entry, exporting data from CRM, updating records are some of the mundane tasks you encounter on a daily basis. But a considerable amount of time is spent on completing such tasks because even today they are done manually. And with manual intervention there comes errors and rectification which further prolongs the process. This… Read More »

Webinar: Revamp sales and marketing strategies with our Mailchimp and Dynamics 365 CRM integration app!

A synchronized Sales and Marketing team which works like a well-oiled machine is the need of the day. This belief is shared by more than 85% of sales and marketing leaders who feel that collaboration between sales and marketing is critical for business growth. So, to compliment this collaboration between sales and marketing team we… Read More »

Why User Adoption Monitor is essential to improve Dynamics 365 CRM user productivity!

A Preferred app on Microsoft AppSource – User Adoption Monitor – will help you to track, monitor and review user adoption of Dynamics 365 CRM. This in turn will help you to appraise the performance of your team on daily, weekly and monthly basis But this not all that User Adoption Monitor has to offer.… Read More »

Webinar – Free Dynamics 365 CRM Space, Manage Attachments, Ensure data security in SharePoint and much more with SharePoint Security Sync & Attach2Dynamics!

More than 80% of business professionals believe that outdated ways of managing Dynamics 365 CRM documents hampers productivity. Hence, it is right to say that with changing times we should introduce new smart ways to enhance one’s productivity. This is how we progress and prosper. So, get ready to learn more about new smart ways… Read More »

Create custom SharePoint library structure within Dynamics 365 CRM and maintain documents/attachments with ease!

Document/attachment management is the necessity of the day. And for our Dynamics 365 CRM friends, SharePoint Security Sync is the apt app for this.  A preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, SharePoint Security Sync is a comprehensive solution which integrates Dynamics 365 CRM with SharePoint and provides secure access to confidential documents stored in SharePoint. And… Read More »

3 Best Practices for Increasing your Lead Conversion Rates – Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation in Dynamics 365 CRM is what you need!

Most of you would be well acquainted with our popular assignment automation app for Dynamics 365 CRM – Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. Already a Preferred app on Microsoft AppSource, Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is a productivity app that automates the allocation or distribution of Leads (or any other entity records) recorded in Dynamics… Read More »

Webinar: Smartly Manage Subscriptions, Recurring Billing & Tax Calculations with our new Subscription and Recurring Billing Management App!

Facing difficulties in managing huge number of subscriptions in your CRM? Then get ready for an exciting session on our new billing app for Dynamics 365 CRM – Subscription and Recurring Billing Management which will help you manage subscriptions, streamline billing processes and automate tax calculations within Dynamics 365 CRM. Want to know how it… Read More »

Maps Integration now within Dynamics 365 CRM, Power Apps and new Sales Mobile Apps – Boost Your Field Service Team’s Productivity!

One thing that sales team all across the world has in common is the need and use of a powerful customer relationship management software. Tracking relationships, follow-ups and reminders, mapping sales pipeline, etc., were done in a traditional way using desktops. But the sales team once in the field, gets disconnected from their Dynamics 365… Read More »

Infographic: How to automate subscriptions, recurring billing processes, tax calculations within Dynamics 365 CRM

Managing subscriptions and recurring billing processes within Dynamics 365 CRM is no mean feat. And in the coming years, it is estimated that more than 50% of software revenue will be generated from subscription model. In such situation, wouldn’t it be smart to automate all these processes which are now done manually? If you think… Read More »