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Power Automate teamed with Azure OpenAI Services to track conversations using Keywords!

Sarah, a bright-eyed sales associate at Peck Packaging, felt a familiar pang of frustration. A potential client, Miss Atkins, had mentioned budget concerns in their last email, but the details were buried amongst a sea of technical specifications. Sarah knew she needed to address this concern but had no time to skim through the entire… Read More »

Power Automate with Azure OpenAI Services to analyze Buyer Behaviour – an AI app by Inogic!

Azure OpenAI is a cloud-based service offered by Microsoft that provides access to advanced artificial intelligence models developed by OpenAI. It empowers developers to integrate these powerful models into their applications without requiring extensive expertise in AI development or infrastructure management. Inogic aims to transform the way businesses function by developing advanced AI-driven applications with… Read More »

Master Microsoft Power Platform Development: A Developer’s Cheat Sheet in 2024

A common software development hurdle is the scarcity of time. While it’s widely acknowledged that merely increasing the number of developers doesn’t necessarily boost productivity, the inclination toward adopting new tools and technologies persists. The goal is to minimize code writing, expedite the development process, reduce susceptibility to bugs, and adhere to standards, especially in… Read More »

Microsoft Copilot – Your Collaborative AI : Discover Its Use Cases, User Benefits, and Copilot Studio!

Microsoft Power Platform is a widely recognized low-code platform that allows anyone to build apps, automate processes, analyze data, and create chatbots efficiently. The latest addition to Power Platform’s capabilities is Copilot, a suite of next-generation AI tools. Developers and users alike can take advantage of generative AI’s power to enhance and streamline their solutions… Read More »