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Customize Copilot using Advanced Features within Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft has provided Power Virtual Agents, which help users create powerful Copilots for a range of requests, from providing simple answers to common questions to resolving issues requiring complex conversations. Power Virtual Agent allows the design of effective Copilots using various types of features like Generative Answers, Live Agents, and Actions (Power Automate Flow). In… Read More »

Utilizing Copilot for AI-Generated Text in Power Pages

As a developer, I frequently undertake projects involving the development of Power Pages websites. One of the challenges I encounter involves sourcing high-quality content, particularly when creating sites for clients such as real estate agencies. These projects often entail compiling property listings, neighborhood guides, and insightful blog posts on current real estate trends. However, acquiring… Read More »

Compose or Reply to Emails using Copilot

Microsoft is known for staying up to date with the latest technological developments. In the previous blog, we saw how to integrate Sales with Copilot and how to make sales more efficient. Now, let’s move on to explore the second part of composing an email and take a closer look at how it is done.… Read More »

Master Microsoft Power Platform Development: A Developer’s Cheat Sheet in 2024

A common software development hurdle is the scarcity of time. While it’s widely acknowledged that merely increasing the number of developers doesn’t necessarily boost productivity, the inclination toward adopting new tools and technologies persists. The goal is to minimize code writing, expedite the development process, reduce susceptibility to bugs, and adhere to standards, especially in… Read More »

Building and Editing Power Automate Flows with Copilot’s Help

If you’ve already experienced creating a Power Page with Copilot, great! If not, click here to get started. This blog will now explore how Copilot collaborates with Power Automate and outline the necessary configurations or settings to enable Copilot in your environment. In our daily routines, automation has emerged as an essential component, offering time… Read More »

Microsoft Copilot suggests Inogic’s CRM Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365

‘Copilot’, ‘Microsoft Copilot’, ‘ChatGPT’, ‘OpenAI’ These have been the trending terms of an upcoming era and have been chanted incessantly for a year now, worldwide. Google Trends vividly denotes the popularity of the term! With so many technological upgrades floating around and this being the beginning of a new era, it becomes imminent to study… Read More »

Microsoft Copilot – Your Collaborative AI : Discover Its Use Cases, User Benefits, and Copilot Studio!

Microsoft Power Platform is a widely recognized low-code platform that allows anyone to build apps, automate processes, analyze data, and create chatbots efficiently. The latest addition to Power Platform’s capabilities is Copilot, a suite of next-generation AI tools. Developers and users alike can take advantage of generative AI’s power to enhance and streamline their solutions… Read More »