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Webinar: A technical deep dive into How Copilot & Generative AI Can Transform Business Productivity

If you are one of the organizations enthusiastic about riding the Copilot wave but struggling to arrange the gear, this webinar by the Inogic Professional Services Division is for you. It would take you through the depths of the concept of Microsoft Copilot, Generative AI, Copilot Studio, and a live demo of a Copilot Application… Read More »

Compose or Reply to Emails using Copilot

Microsoft is known for staying up to date with the latest technological developments. In the previous blog, we saw how to integrate Sales with Copilot and how to make sales more efficient. Now, let’s move on to explore the second part of composing an email and take a closer look at how it is done.… Read More »

Building and Editing Power Automate Flows with Copilot’s Help

If you’ve already experienced creating a Power Page with Copilot, great! If not, click here to get started. This blog will now explore how Copilot collaborates with Power Automate and outline the necessary configurations or settings to enable Copilot in your environment. In our daily routines, automation has emerged as an essential component, offering time… Read More »

Copilot in Project Operations

Dynamics 365 Project Operations serves as a comprehensive platform tailored for efficient project planning, expense tracking, and time management. It facilitates resource booking and allocation while providing tools to identify and manage project estimates, streamlining processes, and enhancing overall work quality. In this blog, we will explore the ways Copilot in Project Operations has enhanced… Read More »

Copilot and Power Platform: Highlights from Microsoft Ignite 2023 and What They Mean for You!

This year we experienced a surge in new ways to work day to day all thanks to new Advancements in AI. With various brands and tech giants put up their version of AI for public use cases, back in June Microsoft unveiled their take on AI enabled system, the infamous – Copilot, a collaborative tool… Read More »

Activate Copilot in the Email Rich Text Editor for Dynamics 365 CRM

Microsoft has provided various integrations of Copilot AI Capabilities with Dynamics 365 CRM which helps users to streamline and automate their business processes. In this blog, we will walk through one of these capabilities i.e. Enable Copilot in Email Rich Text Editor (Preview). This feature allows email content refinement based on the below-listed aspects. Length… Read More »