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European Power Platform Conference #EPPC24: Keynotes, sessions & top recommendations for Brussels!

The European Power Platform Conference (EPPC) this year is scheduled at the Square, Brussels from June 11-13. This year’s event promises to be an electrifying gathering of innovators, tech enthusiasts, and industry leaders, all converging to explore the latest Microsoft Innovation. Get the latest announcements on Power Platform, Copilot, and where Microsoft is leading. Join… Read More »

Programmatically Managing Table Visibility in Model-Driven Apps

Introduction During our project, we encountered an issue related to dynamically adding or removing table relationships in an existing multi-table setup in the manage solution. Specifically, we implemented a custom multi-table lookup field called “Client” on the “Retailer” entity. However, when we tried to create a 1: N relationship between the “Retailer” entity and another… Read More »

Business Process Checklist App or Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Sequences: The best option for replacing Playbooks!

Salespersons bear the responsibility of engaging with customers, qualifying leads, nurturing opportunities, and swiftly seizing the moment to act with utmost effectiveness. Furthermore, they are entrusted with following the well-established processes prescribed by their organizations. In this process, they may inadvertently overlook certain best practices within the sales process. Alas, this oversight can cast a… Read More »

Mailchimp integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM – Revamp sales and marketing strategies!

Businesses that realize the importance of having proper alignment between their sales, customer service and marketing teams can create more precise marketing strategies to get the attention of their brand’s target audience and understand the customer journey to move leads seamlessly through the sales funnel. Sales and Customer service representatives have a wealth of knowledge… Read More »

Inogic apps on the popular GYDE365-Discover platform – Find the right Dynamics 365 CRM app!

Good Business Partners make difficult times easy and great ones encourage you to grow and prosper! Inogic proudly announces its recent partnership with Seer 365 following the sign-up to their popular GYDE365 platform. Seer 365 builds transformative solutions that optimize the selection, delivery, and adoption of Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications and associated technologies to… Read More »

New Release: Business Process Checklist app for streamlining business processes in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM

Effective business process management results in increased user productivity by 30-50% and increased success rate of projects by 70%. Effective business process management is a backbone of any organization. A well-structured business process takes everything into consideration viz costs, productivity, the value generated for customers and stakeholders, and overall ROI. Once the sales manager/administrator creates… Read More »