Inogic Top 5 Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM & Power Apps user tips of 2022!

By | January 2, 2023

It’s that time of year once more… It’s time to huddle indoors, build a fire, find a cozy nook, and wait for spring. As we approach the end of the year, we like to reflect on the year that has passed us. That means better understanding our readers—and seeing where we can improve for next year—for our small but formidable content team. Our team is constantly on the lookout for new innovations introduced by Microsoft that will provide users with significant capabilities for transforming their businesses. With new features being included in Microsoft releases and updates for Dynamics 365 applications such as Marketing, Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, and many others, Inogic always strives to find the best matches and deliver the same through our blogs. First and foremost, you enjoy learning, growing, and improving. All of our top blogs provide fresh perspectives, how-to instructions, and other important information for sharpening skills, optimizing procedures, and boosting teamwork. Let’s get to the exciting stuff now! Here are the top 5 most popular blogs in 2022.

Configuring Timeline(Show/Hide) activity display information within  Dynamics 365 CE

One of the main reasons people continue to use Dynamics 365 for their CRM needs is the ability to customize fields, forms, and views. Inogic began investigating timeline configuration capabilities in the 2021 release wave 2. We came across a request from a customer who wanted to show/hide a few activity field labels and data that are presented in the timeline by default. During the process, we discovered a new improved feature for configuring the activities in the timeline. It allows users to show/hide the activity field label and activity data that is shown across the timeline based on their business needs. As we are all aware, while displaying activity information in the timeline, there are two alternatives available: “Default form” or “Card form.” This blog illustrates how to simply configure both forms using the configuration form setting.

Avoid buffer size errors for List Rows using Power Automate Flows

Have you encountered the dreaded maximum buffer size exceeded error? Yes, that one is a pain. We got many inquiries about the following error message, which can appear when attempting to retrieve data from a table using the List Rows action of the Dataverse connector. “Cannot write more bytes to the buffer than the configured maximum buffer size: 104857600,” says the error. Because the error message is created on the Encodian Flow action, it is natural to believe that the Encodian Flow action has failed, but it hasn’t (kind of)! This blog discusses how to overcome this limitation and ensure a seamless workflow.

Reusable components using Component Library within Canvas Power Apps

Components are reusable building blocks for canvas apps that let app developers use a component library to construct bespoke controls for usage within or across apps. It also helps to prevent re-designing or re-coding the same components over and over again, and it provides a single centralized location to manage upgrades or modifications. If you update a component definition within the app, your changes are reflected in all instances. Components also eliminate the need to copy/paste controls, reducing duplication of work and improving performance. This blog post will provide some information about reusable components in Canvas Power Apps that utilize the Component Library.

How to trigger flows with the Power Automate Button

Users can now run/trigger the flow from their mobile device from anywhere at any time, thanks to the flexibility given by the Microsoft Power Automate Button. Users can now quickly search for the Button and perform the flow by utilizing the ‘Power Automate’ app on mobile. This blog discusses one such business requirement in which Dynamics 365 CRM users can mark all of their Orders as ‘Submit,’ and when the user clicks ‘Order Submit,’ the current pre-built integration logic will trigger and transport Orders to another system. Orders were typically filed at any time because there was no set deadline. However, they desired to run flow at their leisure. The steps to carry out the aforesaid business scenario are outlined in this blog.

An exclusive sneak peek at the new Virtual PCF Component

As part of the platform’s maturation, Microsoft has been continuously pushing new tools and capabilities built specifically for the professional developer community. The PowerApps component framework (PCF) for model-driven programs, which is now in public preview, is one such enhancement. If you construct PCF components, you should be aware that when we create a standard control, we render it on the container given by the PowerApps Component Framework. This blog provides users with an early look at Microsoft’s new Virtual Control. This control, as its name implies, creates and renders on the Virtual DOM.

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