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Power Apps - Model Driven Apps

Model-Driven Apps at a glance

Productivity Apps can be built for various businesses using a rich set of tools, existing templates, and more within Microsoft Power Apps. Model-driven app design is an approach that focuses on adding components such as-
  • forms
  • views
  • charts, and
  • dashboards
to tables using an app designer tool. Additionally, relationships connect tables in a way that permits navigation between them and ensures that data is not repeated unnecessarily. Using the app designer with LOW or NO CODE, one can build apps that are simple or very complex.

The easy working

If one doesn’t need a custom design and the data is in Microsoft Dataverse, one can automatically generate a model-driven app using the business data and processes.

This app can model forms, views, and other components, and the default UI automatically adjusts to phones, laptops, and other devices. Model-driven Apps come with a basic structure that can be built upon as per the requirement.

Benefits of Power Apps- Model-Driven Apps

Rapid Fabrication

Once the data model and relationships have been created, the build process is relatively rapid due to rich component-focused no-code designing

Consistent User Experience

The user experience is consistent across all model-driven apps. Once a user is confident with one model-driven app, later apps are easier to adopt within an organization.

Hassle free Migration

Migrating apps between development, UAT, and production environments is relatively straightforward using in-built solutions.

What Inogic offers


Optimize and Automate everyday manual operations with Power Platform Development Services

Techno-functional Consultation on the look and feel of the App along with complete design, creation, execution, and functioning of it as per the client's requirement.

A business’s existing app can also be reworked and customized as per its current requirements. This decision varies from case to case.

Customize Entities, Actions, Dashboards, etc. with Power Platform Customization


Use case

Many a time, the apps developed in CRM have functions that might not be needed for every business. So, our team at Inogic makes customized Model-Driven Apps for only the relevant data/feature needed for a client’s business taking into consideration all the client’s requirements and suggestions.

The Services Team has developed a Model-Driven App for a Client dealing in the Business of the Sale of Machinery parts. We built the app to accommodate and maintain their resources, machinery stocks, orders, and services. Thus, providing a hub for centralized data.

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