Enable Auditing with Office 365 Security & Compliance Center

Introduction: One of the most important needs of an enterprise application is maintaining Audit Log. Dynamics CRM has been supporting auditing for a while now. You need to enable Auditing at the org levelAnd then at the individual entity and attribute level to decide the fields that you want audited.Have you ever thought of maintaining […]

Server-side Sync – Server response was 5.5.1 Authentication Required – Gmail – Resolved

Introduction: While we can configure Server Side Sync in Dynamics CRM for POP3/SMTP email accounts and configuring Gmail through this option is possible, we came across issues with getting this to work. Issue: We were using the Gmail’s Email Id, for Server Side Sync. Whenever we tried enabling the mailbox by clicking Test & Enable […]

Deep Linking for Dynamics CRM Tablet Client

Introduction With Dynamics CRM Tablet client now supporting web resource on tablet client, it is now also possible to open the CRM record through a hyperlink in the web resource. It has been a common requirement that the custom web resources have the need to provide a link to the actual records being displayed. Until […]

Click2Export – Personalize the exported file name

Introduction: Most applications including Dynamics CRM supports reporting and with the reporting tool in our case being SSRS it supports the options to either Print the report or save the report to a file format like PDF or Word or Excel. Depending on the kind of the report it may be often be required to […]

Different Areas in Dynamics CRM Where Users Can Access External Pages

Introduction There could be different scenarios where client may want to view, access, or pass data to external pages from within Dynamics CRM. External pages refer to the pages that are not part of Dynamics CRM. It can be defined as pages that you can access via an internet (with an extension like .aspx, .html, […]

Maplytics August Release – Unlock Locational Intelligence within Dynamics CRM

With a continuous zeal and pursuit of acquiring the best for our customers and partners, we have come up with new advancements in our flagship product Dynamics CRM Bing Maps integration – Maplytics August Release. With this release, our mission is to reinvent business strategies and productivity to unlock locational intelligence within Dynamics CRM using […]

Territory Management in Dynamics CRM using Maplytics

Territory management is an important asset for businesses of all size, if executed correctly. With a proper distribution of territories and effective Dynamics CRM territory management by respective sales teams, organizations can make sure that the sales reps are capable of investing their energy to get most out of it. The operation includes productively segmenting […]

Steps to integrate Dynamics CRM Online and Power BI

As we know, POWER BI is very robust application, which helps to analyze Business Data. It can be a powerful visualization tool for Dynamics CRM users for analyzing their Business. Hence, Microsoft has introduced integration of POWER BI with MSCRM from this 2016 release. Here are the steps to integrate POWER BI with MSCRM: There […]