Analyze Your Dynamics CRM Data through Heat Maps using Maplytics

The quickest and most convenient way of depicting the data and foresee the regions to work upon can be Heat maps. Maplytics has this added functionality of Heat maps in it using which users can get a graphical representation of Dynamics CRM data. A Sales rep can get a pictorial representation of the distribution of […]

Steps to Enable Script Debugging for Dynamics CRM Outlook Client in Visual Studio

We can debug the Script used in Outlook using Visual Studio. For this, we just need to change some settings in the “Advance setting” section of Internet Explorer. In this blog, we will show how to enable Script Debugging using the Visual studio. For this, we have developed the sample code. So, here we have added […]

Insights for Basics of Knowledge Articles in Dynamics CRM 2016

Microsoft has introduced a new knowledge management system for Dynamics CRM Online 2016 Update and Dynamics CRM 2016 On-Premises. This new system enables users to create rich knowledge articles, which also supports embedding external multimedia content like images and videos in the form of links. It also allows translations and versioning for the articles. You […]

Voice of Customer for Dynamics CRM 2016

Voice of the Customer is a new Dynamics CRM 2016 feature that was created to capture feedback regarding your product or service from CRM. With Voice of the Customer, we can easily set up surveys, distribute them to contacts via workflows, and capture responses. This captured data can be utilized for generating reports, and making […]

Display View of Entity on ADX Portals for Dynamics CRM

Introduction: In the previous blog here.  We learned about the installation and deployment of ADX portal, now we will see how to display the views of entities in ADX portal. This basically is used to display the particular entity records to the portal user. For instance, if Dynamics CRM user wants to display the active cases […]

Set Up ADX Studio Portals for Dynamics CRM

The following instructions will help you to set up Adxstudio Portal websites for your Dynamics CRM. You would require ADX Studio setup before getting started with configuring ADX Portal for your Dynamics CRM. ADX Studio Setup is available for download on below link: After downloading and installing ADX Studio setup. Go to the installed […]

Live Webinar on Maplytics – Maps Integration with Dynamics CRM!

Businesses these days seek for every possible measure to make it successful! Dynamics CRM is one of such examples, which makes the businesses more consumer-friendly. A bit of brainstorming and we thought, why not integrate Bing maps with Dynamics CRM??? Bing Maps Integration with Dynamics CRM was like bringing the best of both worlds! The […]

Multi-language support for custom solutions in Dynamics CRM

For as long as I remember Microsoft Dynamics CRM has always provided support for multiple languages. This means that labels throughout CRM would appear in the language of your choice. You can have multiple languages installed in CRM apart from the base language. Each user has the choice to choose the language of their choice […]

Configure Fields in Sort and Filter in Dynamics CRM Interactive Service Hub Dashboard

We all are aware of what Interactive Service Hub dashboard is as it is introduced in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016. To know more about how you can create your own Interactive Service Hub dashboard, visit here. Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016 Update 1 enables you to apply sorting and filtering functionality for your Custom and OOB […]

Maplytics Appointment Planner – Your Helpful Assistant to Plan Your Day!

Time management is an imperative need for any sales rep or marketer! Who wants to get late on meetings or appointments? What holds them back is lack of planning and systematic management. It is important to plan your day wisely in advance and make the most of it. But sometimes managing many appointments in same […]