6 User-Friendly steps to connect Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp – Effortless Integration!

By | April 24, 2024

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp integration

As a CRM user, you understand the importance of managing customer relationships effectively. But what about integrating your marketing efforts for a more holistic view of your audience? This is where Mailchimp integration becomes a game-changer.

Introducing Marketing4Dynamics: Your Mailchimp Bridge to Productivity

Marketing4Dynamics is an innovative app by Inogic that seamlessly connects your Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp. Imagine having all your customer data, marketing campaign details, and member activity right at your fingertips within Dynamics 365. Marketing4Dynamics eliminates the need to switch between applications, saving you valuable time and effort.

Let’s explore the features offered by Marketing4Dynamics before diving into the installation guide.

Primarily Marketing4Dynamics offers:

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp

Sync Mailchimp Audiences, Members, and Tags to CRM:

Centralize your contact management by syncing Mailchimp’s comprehensive audience data, including members and tags, directly to Dynamics 365 CRM. This feature maps your Mailchimp audiences with CRM Marketing Lists, simplifying audience selection and synchronization.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp

Sync Contacts/Leads from CRM to Mailchimp:

Move your CRM contacts and leads into Mailchimp with ease. By syncing your CRM Marketing Lists, you can effortlessly promote CRM contacts/leads to Mailchimp, enhancing campaign targeting and saving valuable time for your marketing team.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp

Sync Campaigns and Activities:

Keep a pulse on your marketing efforts with real-time syncing of Mailchimp campaigns and member activities (Open, Sent, Click, Unsubscribed, and Bounced) to Dynamics 365 CRM. Access to detailed campaign statistics within CRM aids in strategizing and refining future marketing initiatives.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp

Dashboards & Reporting:

Visualize success with Marketing4Dynamics’ dashboards, offering a graphical overview of Mailchimp campaign data and member activities. This visual analysis tool is instrumental in evaluating campaign performance and guiding the development of compelling marketing strategies that resonate with customers and drive sales growth.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp

Now that we have established what’s Marketing4Dynamics and its primary features, let’s get started with the step-by-step guide to installing it.

Visit Microsoft AppSource: Head over to Microsoft AppSource and search for Marketing4Dynamics.

  1. Click on the “FREE TRIAL” button to initiate the installation process. Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp integration
  2. If you’re already logged into CRM, accept the terms and conditions and click “Continue.” If not, enter your credentials and sign in.
    Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp integration
  3. Review the details, accept the terms again, and click “Continue.” Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp
  4. Choose an environment from the list and accept the privacy policies and legal terms before clicking “Install.” Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp
  5. Sit back and relax! Marketing4Dynamics will be installed automatically. Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp integration
  6. Success! Once the installation is complete, you’ll find Marketing4Dynamics within your Dynamics 365 CRM environment under “My Apps.”

Refer to the Marketing4Dynamics User Manual for the post-installation guide.

Need More Information? We’re Here to Help!

For any questions or assistance with Marketing4Dynamics, feel free to reach out to our team at crm@inogic.com.

Dynamics 365 CRM with Mailchimp integration

By integrating Mailchimp with Dynamics 365 CRM using Marketing4Dynamics, you’ll unlock a world of productivity and gain a deeper understanding of your audience. Download your free trial today and experience the difference!

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