Fix storage space issues within Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM using Attach2Dynamics!

Organizations using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM generate a considerable quantity of data daily. Although Dynamics 365 CRM subscription provides 20 GB of total storage and 2 GB of data per licensed user, the storage capacity becomes woefully inadequate as your business scales. Buying additional capacity is expensive. Currently, CRM database storage costs £33.91 per GB… Read More »

Relate and Unrelate functions in Canvas Apps

Introduction In this blog, we will learn how to use the relate() and unrelate() functions in the Canvas Apps. By the name relate you would have understood that it is going to link or point to something. So, relate() function links two records through a one-to-many or many-to-many relationship in Microsoft Dataverse. While unrelate does… Read More »

Microsoft Partner Success Story – Inogic preferred app Maplytics maps out strong growth for Dynamics 365 CRM users!

With a goal to elevate its application business, engage clients and partners with renewed capabilities, and explore new markets, Inogic joined Microsoft Business Applications ISV Connect program as one of its earliest members. What is Microsoft Business Application ISV Connect Program? The Business Applications ISV Connect Program offers platforms, resources, and support designed to help… Read More »

Webinar: Enforce Best Practices with Playbooks and Process Compliance with Business Process Checklist in Dynamics 365 CRM

What if you are a sales manager at a product-based IT company who has to regularly advise sales executives on best practices for nurturing leads and dealing with new customers? However, people’s unavailability, delayed or inappropriate team actions, poor access to important data, and non-compliance prevent you from streamlining day-to-day tasks for creating a standardized… Read More »

How to solve 500 internal server error using Dynamics CRM web resource (HTML) as a redirect URL

Overview Recently, I was working on functionality where we needed to generate access and refresh tokens for third-party apps in Dynamics CRM 365. I had a button on the ribbon bar that would send an OAuth/ authorize request to the third-party app to get an authorization code, which would be returned to a specified redirect… Read More »

Co-authoring feature in Model-Driven Apps (Preview)

Collaboration is the key to success for any business. Microsoft has been working on having enticing and innovative collaboration ideas for a long time. As a result, using the power to collaborate uniquely, one can grow together and can build a strong connection with others. The same power of collaboration is needed in any app… Read More »