Duplicate Data Management in Dynamics 365 CRM – OOB Duplicate Detection vs Inogic’s Data DeDuplication App!

Duplicate data is an inherent aspect of any database operation. It is crucial to take steps to prevent the creation of duplicate records, promptly identify them if present, and eliminate them swiftly within your Dynamics 365 CRM system. Consider a scenario where one team member updates Record A with vital information while another team member… Read More »

Unleashing the Power of ‘isDefaultPrevented()’ method in Dynamics 365

Introduction Dynamics 365 forms offer a powerful platform for customizing user interactions and logic using JavaScript. One often overlooked gem in this toolbox is the isDefaultPrevented() method. This little powerhouse is key to unlocking intricate control over your form’s save behavior, leading to smoother workflows and enhanced user experiences. The isDefaultPrevented() method is available on… Read More »

Incorporating Start and wait for an approval of text action for the AI generated response

In the previous blog we have already explored the AI prompt integration with Power Automate using the “Create text with GPT using a prompt” action, At that time while designing the Power Automate we didn’t add any Approval process where humans could review the AI-generated response. Human review through the approval process is important and recommended… Read More »

Power Pages: How to Track Changes by Contact (Portal User) in Dataverse Auditing

Introduction Power Pages sites, connected to Dataverse, serve as a powerful tool for modern website development. Dataverse, acting as a versatile database, offers security features, analytics, and automation. However, Dataverse auditing, which logs changes to customer records, initially poses a challenge as it records actions under the application/system user, rather than the actual contact (portal… Read More »

Live Webinar – First Look of New SMS Integration for Dynamics 365 CRM with TextSMS4Dynamics!

Effective communication is the cornerstone of success in today’s dynamic business landscape. For businesses utilizing Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM, integrating SMS messaging will be a game-changer, redefining sales, customer support, promotions, and marketing campaigns. That’s why TextSMS4Dynamics is the perfect solution providing seamless SMS messaging integration directly within Dynamics 365 CRM, eliminating the hassle of… Read More »

Building and Editing Power Automate Flows with Copilot’s Help

If you’ve already experienced creating a Power Page with Copilot, great! If not, click here to get started. This blog will now explore how Copilot collaborates with Power Automate and outline the necessary configurations or settings to enable Copilot in your environment. In our daily routines, automation has emerged as an essential component, offering time… Read More »

Automate Solution Deployments with approvals using Power Platform Pipelines

In the dynamic landscape of technology, organizations are constantly seeking efficient ways to deploy solutions seamlessly. Power Platform Pipelines emerge as a powerful tool to automate solution deployments, providing a streamlined approach to managing and delivering applications. It helps ensure consistency, time efficiency, and maintaining version control. Firstly, you need to install the “Power Platform… Read More »

Microsoft Copilot suggests Inogic’s CRM Apps for Microsoft Dynamics 365

‘Copilot’, ‘Microsoft Copilot’, ‘ChatGPT’, ‘OpenAI’ These have been the trending terms of an upcoming era and have been chanted incessantly for a year now, worldwide. Google Trends vividly denotes the popularity of the term! With so many technological upgrades floating around and this being the beginning of a new era, it becomes imminent to study… Read More »

Improved visualization and user experience of Organization Charts within Dynamics 365

Introduction: Managing your customer’s organizations by using organization charts can help you visualize their hierarchy and the relationships between their departments and roles. As a result, you can tailor your sales approach to fit your customer’s needs and preferences, resulting in more successful sales. You can easily and precisely build an organization chart with Dynamics… Read More »