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Undo and Restore Dynamics 365 CRM data in 1 Click - Undo2Restore



Undo2Restore is a 1 Click productivity app for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps) that enables users to undo changes and restore records to its previous known state with just a single click. Be it the last change made to the records or changes that were done in the past, be it a single record or multiple records; Undo2Restore can do it without any hassle. With its support for both OOB and Custom Entities, Undo2Restore makes it possible to restore data of all those entities for which Auditing has been enabled in CRM. In a way, Undo2Restore is your own ‘ctrl+z’ button for Dynamics 365 CRM / Dataverse (Power Apps).

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Undo and restore last made changes in a record

Undo2Restore can be considered as the ‘ctrl+z’ button created exclusively for Dynamics 365 CRM users for managing customer relationships data on a large scale. Users can now easily undo the last changes made to the records and restore it to the former state with just a single click on the Undo2Restore button. This makes rectifying and modifying entries in CRM quite hassle free.

Undo and restore changes made in the past

Another benefit of Undo2Restore is that the users can undo and restore the past changes in Dynamics 365 CRM records. With just a click on the ‘History’ button it enables users to restore the changes made in the past.

Undo changes in multiple records

Users can also undo and restore data in multiple Dynamics 365 CRM records in one go. This feature comes handy when a user has to undo and restore data in bulk. All the user has to do is select the records and click on the ‘Undo2Restore’ button and within seconds all the data in those records will be restored to its last known state.

Undo2Restore Tool

The Undo2Restore Windows tool proves invaluable for sales professionals using Dynamics 365 CRM. Operating independently of the CRM environment, it provides a seamless solution for restoring deleted records and reversing unwanted changes in bulk. The tool ensures sales teams can rectify errors swiftly, saving time and maintaining data accuracy.


A Guide to Undo and Restore Dynamics 365 CRM Data

More Features

Restore Deleted Records

Users can now restore Dynamics 365 CRM deleted records with the use of ‘Restore Deleted’ functionality.

Multiple Entities Support

Users can undo and restore Dynamics 365 CRM records for both OOB as well as Custom Entities with the help of Undo2Restore.


Undo2Restore  enables users to undo changes and restore records to its previous known state with just a single click.

Once auditing is enabled in CRM after installing Undo2Restore, users can easily restore changes made in CRM records in the previous day, week or month.

No, there is no such limit. Users can restore any number of changes in a given record.

Yes, with Undo2Restore users can retrieve and restore any number of deleted records to its previous state in Dynamics 365 CRM.

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