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Bi-directional Integration of Quickbooks online and Dynamics 365 CRM

Integrate QuickBooks online with Dynamics 365 CRM - InoLink


Why InoLink?

QuickBooks Online and Dynamics 365 CRM are both essential software solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, but they have different data structures and purposes. QuickBooks Online is an accounting software, while Dynamics CRM is a customer relationship management software. Using them separately can cause data inconsistency, duplication, and errors, as well as poor communication and coordination between the accounting and sales teams. To avoid this, we need to integrate both platforms with a reliable and efficient tool that can sync data in both ways and provide a 360-degree view of customer information and financial data. This is where InoLink comes in. InoLink is an easy-to-install integration tool that lies within your CRM and does not require additional training.


InoLink is a cloud-based productivity app that provides bi-directional integration between Dynamics 365 CRM and Intuit QuickBooks. It synchronizes transaction history and aging details from QuickBooks to Dynamics 365 to provide 360-degree view of customer information. With InoLink, users will be able to calculate tax for transactions within Dynamics 365 CRM and send Quotes/Orders/Invoices from Dynamics 365 to QuickBooks. Apart from this, users can also sync single instance of Dynamics 365 with one or more QuickBooks Company.

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Sync data between QuickBooks and Dynamics 365 CRM

With InoLink, user can experience better and secure information flow with two-way sync of Accounts, Contacts, Products and Prices. Users can avoid data duplication by linking existing Accounts/Contacts/Products in Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks. This in turn helps users to maintain data integrity across both Dynamics 365 CRM and QuickBooks.

Real-time synchronization from Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks

Users can now do real time processing of data from Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks with InoLink. This means any update done by users in Dynamics 365 CRM records will be automatically reflected in QuickBooks. Now there is no need to make changes manually which increases the efficiency of the users handling these transactions.

Sync multiple QuickBooks Companies with single instance of Dynamics 365 CRM

Users are able to sync one or more QuickBooks Company with single instance of Dynamics 365 CRM using InoLink. Since there is no more need to create new instance of Dynamics 365 CRM for every QuickBooks Company, users are able to maintain and manage accounting data with ease.

Sync services hosted on Azure platform

Using cloud storage for data management has become the norm today. With InoLink being a cloud-based solution, users can easily sync services hosted on Azure platform with Dynamics 365 CRM in more effective and diverse manner.

More Features

Sync Transactions

Users can now sync Customer Aging details, Sales Transactions & Payment information from QuickBooks to Dynamics CRM without any hassle.

Promote CRM Entities

InoLink enables users to easily promote Account or Contact or Product or Quote or Order or Invoice from Dynamics 365 to QuickBooks.

Automate Tax Calculation

With InoLink, users can now perform automatic Sales Tax calculation for Quotes, Orders and Invoices in Dynamics 365 CRM.


Users can get overview of Recent Transactions, Top Customers, Pending Invoices & more with the help of Accounting Dashboards in CRM.

Batch Processing

InoLink enables batch processing through configurable polling times which is very helpful for Dynamics 365 CRM users.

No Developers Needed

Users can easily configure syncing of data and enhance the sales process by using InoLink, thereby improving the overall productivity.

Secure Accounting Information

Users will be able to secure all the accounting fields through Field Level Security in Dynamics 365 by using InoLink.

360-Degree View

Users can now get a 360° view of complete Customer Accounting details within Dynamics CRM with the help of InoLink.


InoLink is now available for QuickBooks Online.


By using InoLink, users can promote the following entities from Dynamics 365 CRM to QuickBooks online – Account, Contact, Product, Quote, Order and Invoice.

Yes, InoLink provides 360 degree view of complete Customer Accounting details like Sales Transactions, Aging details, etc. within Dynamics 365 CRM.

No, users can easily sync multiple QuickBooks companies with single Dynamics 365 CRM instance by using InoLink.

Yes, users can automate Sales Tax calculation for Quotes, Orders and Invoices in Dynamics 365 CRM by using InoLink.

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