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Why Gamifics365?

Organizations looking to increase the productivity and performance of their employees, need to drive high CRM adoption/engagement, keep them motivated and create a competitive environment.

72% of people say gamification motivates them to do tasks and work harder on the job.

With gamification, you can take your Dynamics 365 CRM adoption to the next level. You can potentially unlock the best way to motivate your team to use CRM more, fulfil their weekly/monthly targets, and give their best. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers nothing on gamification by itself. Gamifics365, used with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM is the perfect gamification foil to improve adoption and performance.


Gamifics365 is a gamification app for Dynamics 365 CRM and Dataverse designed to increase user adoption and engagement by introducing game-like mechanics in day-to-day activities. With the gamification module now in CRM, you can create appealing games to encourage healthy competition between individuals and team members. Be it for the sales team’s motivation to reach their targets, or uplifting your organization’s mood during a tight day, Gamifics365 brings a sense of fun, drive to compete, and willingness to improve in a healthy and friendly environment.

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Create different engaging games

With Gamifics365, create different engaging games to drive performance against important KPIs. Create individual or team games, and create different types of games like Challenge, Races, and Face-off. Set up your own game rules and keep your users motivated and engaged.

Set up rewards for achievements

Design a rewards program and configure it in various forms in a Dynamics 365 CRM. You can have multiple forms of rewards in the form of points or badges. For example, any sales team member who does a sale will earn some points. On the services side, the weekly top-performing customer support executive can earn a badge that will be displayed on his profile.

Personalized Scorecards

Get a personalized aesthetic view of your gamified profile within Dynamics 365 CRM. Keep track of all your active games, played games, and even upcoming games. View your daily points earned, total points earned, and total badges earned over the course. Keep the players motivated with this sophisticated view of their achievements.

TV leaderboards

With Gamifics365, live stream the leaderboards on a TV. Get real-time updates on all the games, points being scored, and badges being earned. Updates like the top player and top team displayed on the screen will keep motivating the players to achieve more.

Gamifcs365 on Mobiles/Tablets

Join games directly from your mobile phone/tablet. Keep the progress of the game and, find out where you stand on the leaderboard, how is your team fairing amongst others, and much more without having to be at the workspace. Get a visually pleasing view of your custom gamified profile at your fingertips.

More Features

Copy and Schedule Games

'Copy game' button is available to quickly copy the game along with the configurations and to run the same game for another period. This helps Game Manager to configure a new game using existing game in just few clicks.

Time out and Resume Games

'Time out' button is available to temporarily pause the game during which period there will be no tracking of any actions. The Game Manager can click on the 'Resume' button to re-start the game.

Encourage Adoption

As per requirement, create engaging games that can be for individual participation or participate as teams.

Fantasy Teams

Support for creating fantasy teams by managers and users to encourage and root for their fantasy team players.

Define activities

Define operations performed within Dynamics 365 CRM as the activities to earn points off.


Players can keep a track of badges earned for participation or winning games.

Real-time tracking

The score of the players are tracked and updated real-time without any impact on CRM usability and performance.

Performance Scoreboards

The performance of the players are displayed on scoreboards making it easy to track the progress on a daily basis.

Easy to configure

Create games easily without any coding. Game Managers can select the players to be part of the game, set up rules and game actions that will earn them points and rewards, and a lot more.

Set periodic targets

Daily, Weekly, and Monthly targets for individuals as well as teams in the form of games.


Gamifics365 will help to implement game mechanics into daily CRM activities and make it more engaging for users. This will accelerate CRM adoption and boost the productivity of CRM users. Above all, players/users will be motivated to improve their productivity and achieve their best resulting in higher returns.

Gamifics365 can be used with any of the Dynamics 365 CRM modules – Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, etc. It is also compatible with Microsoft Dataverse.

Yes, depending upon the situation Game Managers can create individual level, team level or fantasy team games to engage and motivate the CRM users.

Face-off, Race and Challenge are the different kind of games that can be created with Gamifics365. In Face-off, two players will be pitted against each other to achieve a common target. In Race, all the players will be given a common target and the one who achieves it first wins the game. In Challenge, individual players or teams will be given a task to be achieved in a limited amount of time. The one who achieves it wins the game.

There is no such limit in creating games. The Game Managers can create any number of games to engage and motivate users with Gamifics365 in Dynamics 365 CRM.

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