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Gamifics365 is a productivity app that aims to enhance Dynamics 365 CRM productivity and adoption by creating an enriching and motivating environment for CRM users through gamification and engaging games and activities. It provides a medium to create appealing games to encourage a healthy competition between both individuals and teams combined. These games help to ignite the competitive spirit of CRM users and motivates them to achieve over and beyond their individual capability. The daily stressful routine work can be converted to something livelier and fun with this gamification app resulting in higher productivity and better business growth rate.

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Personalized Scoreboards

Gamifics365 has structured a well detailed scoreboard within Dynamics 365 CRM that will display the results and performance of individual players in real-time. Each and every user who has participated in a game can view their information on this personalized scoreboard. It aesthetically displays player’s information which includes their avatar name, number of games participated in, total points achieved, live games, timeline of the games, badges and rewards achieved, the targets to be achieved, etc. This vibrant display of one’s achievement further motivates the players to put forth their best effort and achieve all the goals set by the organization.

Different types of Games

Gamifics365 provides an exquisite platform to create engaging games for Dynamics 365 CRM users. These games can be played at individual levels or team level. Challenge, Face-off and Race are the three different types of games which can be created by using Gamifics365. In Challenge, individual players or teams will have to achieve a target within a limited period of time. In Face-off, individual players will be pitted against each other to achieve a single target. In Race, players have to race against time and each other to achieve the common goal set by the manager.

Define and Assign Badges & Rewards

Gamifics365 gives provision to define badges and rewards for the games. These badges and rewards can be then awarded to the teams and individual players who have won the game or achieved certain points while playing the game. For example; Bronze badge for first 100 points, Silver badge for 300 points and Gold badge for 500 points. The acknowledgement and recognition received in the form of badges and rewards further motivates the players to perform excellently in every game they choose to participate in.

Easy to Configure Games

Gamifics365 comes with an interactive user friendly User Interface which helps the Game Managers to create games to motivate the team members and provide an enriching working environment. Game Managers can choose the players to be part of the game. The rules/actions of the game, points to be given and badges to be awarded can be defined by the Game Manager. In accordance with these rules and parameters, games will be played and the players will be awarded the badges against the points earned by them.

Game Rules and Target

The Game Managers can configure rules and set-up targets for the games. Be it individual level or team level, rules and targets are defined by the Game Manager as per the situation. These targets are set to motivate players to do their best and achieve the target within the given time limit. With well-defined rules and attainable target, these games will indirectly motivate the players to go beyond their individual capability and build team spirit among them.

More Features

Copy and Schedule Games

'Copy game' button is available to quickly copy the game along with the configurations and to run the same game for another period. This helps Game Manager to configure a new game using existing game in just few clicks.

Time out and Resume Games

'Time out' button is available to temporarily pause the game during which period there will be no tracking of any actions. The Game Manager can click on the 'Resume' button to re-start the game.

Encourage Adoption

As per requirement, create engaging games that can be for individual participation or participate as teams.

Fantasy Teams

Support for creating fantasy teams by managers and users to encourage and root for their fantasy team players.

Define activities

Define operations performed within Dynamics 365 CRM as the activities to earn points off.


Players can keep a track of badges earned for participation or winning games.

Real-time tracking

The score of the players are tracked and updated real-time without any impact on CRM usability and performance.

Performance Scoreboards

The performance of the players are displayed on scoreboards making it easy to track the progress on a daily basis.

Mobile App

Ability to join games and track performance through mobile apps by players.

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Gamifics365 will help to implement game mechanics into daily CRM activities and make it more engaging for users. This will accelerate CRM adoption and boost the productivity of CRM users. Above all, players/users will be motivated to improve their productivity and achieve their best resulting in higher returns.

Gamifics365 can be used with any of the Dynamics 365 CRM modules – Sales, Customer Service, Field Service, etc. It is also compatible with Microsoft Dataverse.

Yes, depending upon the situation Game Managers can create individual level, team level or fantasy team games to engage and motivate the CRM users.

Face-off, Race and Challenge are the different kind of games that can be created with Gamifics365. In Face-off, two players will be pitted against each other to achieve a common target. In Race, all the players will be given a common target and the one who achieves it first wins the game. In Challenge, individual players or teams will be given a task to be achieved in a limited amount of time. The one who achieves it wins the game.

There is no such limit in creating games. The Game Managers can create any number of games to engage and motivate users with Gamifics365 in Dynamics 365 CRM.

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