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Assign and Distribute Leads using Round Robin & Capacity Algorithm within Dynamics 365 CRM - Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation


Why Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation?

Time and quality of response can make or break a deal in the world of sales. For Dynamics users, the need to efficiently assign and distribute leads is paramount. But with challenges like large teams, high lead volumes, and unpredictable availability of sales reps, manual lead assignment can lead to inconsistencies, and longer response time leading to missed opportunities. Don’t let poor lead distribution be the Achilles’ heel of your sales cycle. Optimize your process with a tailored app for more equitable, efficient, and effective lead distribution, for better sales and customer experiences. Take the first step towards a more efficient and productive team with Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation.


Introducing Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation – the perfect solution for managers seeking to optimize their team’s workload. This productivity app ensures equal distribution of work across teams while considering their individual capacities. Our automation tool simplifies the distribution of leads or any other work items in Dynamics 365 CRM like never before!

Say goodbye to manual lead assignment and welcome a streamlined process with Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. Our innovative tool uses pre-set rules and criteria to assign the ideal sales representative to each lead, resulting in fast and efficient lead handling.

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Round Robin Work Item Distribution

Distribute work items evenly among team members with Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation. For example, in case of incoming Leads, managers can easily distribute them among the sales representatives evenly. This way, each sales representative is automatically allotted an equal number of Leads.

Capacity-Based Work Item Assignment

Distribute numerous Work Items in Dynamics 365 CRM based on the individual capacity of each user. This helps managers automatically allot more work to experienced users than newcomers with the help of Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation.

Set User Availability and Vacation

Managers can assign work items based on the availability status of users, which can be set as ‘available’ or ‘unavailable’. Users can also update their availability status and manage their schedules, ensuring efficient task allocation and preventing work items from being assigned to users who are currently unavailable.

Periodic Work Item Assignment

Records or work items can be automatically assigned to users based on predefined time periods such as daily, weekly, or monthly. This feature helps streamline workload distribution and ensures that team members receive a fair share of tasks.