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Map My Relationships is a productivity control that provides Mind Map view of Dynamics 365 CRM data on a form. It helps the users to visualize connections and relationships between Entities or related records in a single view. It enables users to drill down further through N-level relationships of a particular entity to see associated entity records, provides easy navigation to related records and quickly record various activities like phone call, email or appointment for the related records. Users can thus, get information at a glance leading to quick decisions and swift execution of tasks.

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Manage Connections

Map My Connections control allows one to configure the connection control for a particular entity for which they wish to create, update and delete the connection record(s). It provides a visual layout of connections which allows to analyze data in a much quicker way thereby helping to take faster decisions that are information-based.

Drill Down N-Level

With this feature one can drill down to N-level through the records and see associated entity records within the relationship view. This provides better clarity of how records are connected to each other and helps to make quick information-based decisions.

Perform Quick Actions

This feature of Map My Relationships allows users to quickly record any activity like a phone call or make an appointment for the related records. For example, if users want to send an email to the client, they can just click on the related record and create the activity on the map view itself. Users can configure any system or custom activities for them to perform quick actions from the map view.

View Record Details

Map My Relationships also gives users the ability to view a quick summary of records just by hovering the cursor on the respective record. For example, if users need a quick summary of the data of one of the customers, they can just hover over the node of the record on the map.

Grouping & Aggregation

Map My Relationships offers support for viewing aggregate values without the need for creating rollup fields. Suppose, users want to know the aggregated value of the quote’s entity in the opportunities. They just need to double click on the quotes node in the map view and go to the individual entity and hover over it.

More Features

Color Coded Connections

With color legends, users can easily identify different connection roles within connection relationship view.

Quick Record Association

User will have the ability to quickly create a new entity record to be associated to its main/primary entity record through the relationship view.

Multiple Connection Views

User will be able to view the connections in any preferred format - grid/card/relationship view.

360-Degree View

With the help of Map My Relationships, users will have a 360-degree view of all the important data of Dynamic 365 CRM records.

Display Images

Map My Relationships enables users to use images to identify Dynamics 365 CRM records easily.

Easy Navigation

With the help of Map My Relationships, users will be able to navigate easily and quickly to any of the records in the relationships.

Entity Support

All the features of Map My Relationships are available not only for Out of the box entities, but also for the Custom entities.

Unified Experience

Users can configure Map My Relationships in Web, Mobile as well as in Tablet for a unified experience.

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No, there is no such limit. By using Map My Relationships, users can view many-to-one relationship, one-to-many relationship and many-to-many relationships of any CRM record.

Yes, users can view the details of a record by just hovering the mouse pointer on that particular record. A tooltip will appear showing the details of the record for the benefit of the users.

Yes, Map My Relationships is a highly flexible and agile app that provides a uniform experience across Web, Mobile and Tablet for Dynamics 365 CRM users.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x / Dataverse