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Click2Export is a productivity app which provides easy user experience of exporting any of the Dynamics CRM Reports/Word/Excel templates and CRM Views data in just one click. With Click2Export user can export the data in 5 different file formats – Excel, Word, PDF, CSV or TIFF. Moreover, one can schedule and export reports/word/excel and CRM Views data at regular intervals. Further, users can send embedded CRM Views data via email, download the exported reports/word/excel templates, upload it to SharePoint, attach as a note, or, auto send email with attachments to required recipients.

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Export Report/CRM Views/Word/Excel templates in a single click

This feature of Click2Export enables users to export Dynamics 365 CRM data in just one click. Users can export the data in different templates in a particular format as per their business requirements. And all of this is possible with just a click on Click2Export button. This helps to save time and effort of users thereby enhancing their efficiency in dealing with day-to-day activities.

Set a schedule to export reports at regular intervals

Setting a schedule to export required Dynamics 365 CRM data at regular intervals is helpful to users in many ways. With the availability of this feature, users don’t have to manually export the data every time. They can just set a schedule for a defined period of time – daily, weekly or monthly – for which the data will be exported and emailed to the necessary recipients. Here, users can set a schedule to export Reports/Word/Excel Templates and CRM Views data at regular intervals.

Workflow automation

Automation of the export process comes handy when users need to export the data from Dynamics 365 CRM on the occurrence of an event. It could be any event such as; on activation of ‘Quote’ an email should be send out to the client with the Quotation attached to the email and so on. These kind of tasks can be easily achieved through automation with the help of workflows.

Email exported files as Attachments, Attach as notes, Upload to SharePoint or Download

Users are able to perform four different actions with the exported files in Dynamics 365 CRM. Once exported, all the Dynamics 365 CRM Reports/Word/Excel templates are automatically attached to an email which can be send to the required recipients. Users can store the exported Reports/Word templates as Note attachment in the respective Dynamics 365 records. Apart from this, users can upload the exported Reports/Word templates to SharePoint and lastly, they can download the exported Dynamics CRM reports for offline consumption.

Export files in different formats

Users are able to export files in five different formats – PDF, MS WORD, MS EXCEL, TIFF, CSV. Here, users can export Reports in all the five given formats. Whereas, they can export Word templates in PDF or MS WORD format and Excel templates in MS EXCEL format. With this feature of Click2Export users can easily export Dynamics 365 CRM data in any of the required formats as per their convenience.


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More Features

Schedule & Export CRM Views

Schedule and send CRM views data in different table layouts via email to the configured recipients.

Bulk Export

Click2Export supports bulk exporting of Dynamics 365 CRM Reports / Word templates resulting in increased productivity.

Set Parameter

Users with the help of Click2Export can configure Report parameter values at the time of export.

Dynamic Email

Click2Export gives users the ability to configure sender/receiver and define Default Email templates for generating the Email for Email action.

Easy Configuration

Click2Export provides a very simple and intuitive way for configuring the export of CRM Views/ CRM Reports / Word / Excel Templates.

Multiple Languages

Click2Export currently supports six languages viz. English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, and Dutch.


Click2Export enables users to export Reports/CRM Views/Document templates (Word, Excel, Email) with just a single click.

The exported data can be attached and emailed to respective recipients. Further, it can be stored as Note attachment in the respective Dynamics 365 records, uploaded to SharePoint and download for offline consumption.

Using ‘Schedule Reports’ feature in Click2Export, users can set a schedule for a defined period of time – daily, weekly or monthly – for which the data will be exported and emailed to the necessary recipients. They no longer have to manually export data every time.

Yes, by using Click2Export users can export Dynamics 365 CRM data in bulk with just a single click. And in case of Word Templates users can export around 20 records at once.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x/Dataverse

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