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Card-based kanban view for Dynamics 365 & Dataverse - Kanban Board


Why Kanban Board?

Sales processes can feel sub-optimal in organizations struggling with sales performance. Disorganized sales process may fail to provide visibility into your sales pipeline. Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM helps streamline sales process and is flexible, scalable and easy to use. However, Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM’s out of box views aren’t always enough for sales and service teams to get a unified view of their work status. Kanban Boards allow you to asynchronously track sales pipelines, take timely actions, and evaluate progress.


Kanban Board is a Microsoft-preferred solution to visualize your Dynamics 365 and Dataverse (Power Apps) data in a Kanban view. With the ability to categorize the data into lanes, it makes it easier to review the records in a card-based view and identify the status of each. It’s a visual tool that allows you to drag and drop records between lanes to update their field values quickly. In addition to this, it also provides quick shortcuts to record activities without having to click too many times. Dynamics 365 CE and Dataverse environments support Kanban Board as a control.

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Kanban Board

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Seamless Data Visualization with Kanban View

The Kanban Board lets you visualize any traditional Dynamics 365 CRM view in Kanban view. Organize and categorize records any entity type in a Kanban view, configure fields seamlessly, define categories, get quick access, and easily classify data. Eventually, you can track the progress of various projects, and gain an overview of work in terms of tasks and workflows.

Maximize Efficiency & Be Agile with Drag & Drop

Kanban Board is more like a workflow management system that helps you visualize your work, maximize efficiency, and be agile. Drag and drop the cards across lanes and rows to update category values quickly. You can easily drag and drop opportunities, cases, leads, projects, etc., into interactive pipelines and group them by stages.

Simplify Currency Data Analysis with Aggregated Fields

In Kanban Board, you can view numerical values aggregated in lane and row headers. You can customize the aggregate number, decimal, floating point, or currency datatype as SUM, MAX, MIN, or AVG. Additionally, you can pin an aggregated value to a particular lane or row header. These can be further segregated as Budget Amount, Exchange Rate & Actual Revenue.

Stages of Business Process Flow Made Easy in Kanban View

Business Process Flow (BPF) is supported by Kanban Board. Any entity can be configured for Business Process Flow (BPF) and organized in Kanban view. If the Kanban Board is configured on the Opportunity Business Process Flow then the lanes are categorized as per BPF stages – Qualify – Develop – Propose – Close. As a user, you can at a glance view the records, check the stages of business processes, and accordingly come up with action plans. Using Global or Personal pins, you can pin Business Process Flows defined for a specific entity.

Sort & Tackle Better with Row Grouping in Kanban View

With Kanban Board you can sort, filter and group data. Organize records based on any field value. Records can also be dragged and dropped from one row to another, updating both rows and lanes.


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More Features


Quick Activity Actions

Each card in Kanban Board supports quick activity actions wherein you as a user can define up to 3 actions such as Email, Phone Call or Task.

Compact View

Get quick access of Dynamics 365 records and view all the information at a glance in a compact Kanban card view.

Filter by Date

With Kanban Board, you can easily sort the records in the lanes and filter the data in the view by ‘CreatedOn’ date.

Context Aware

Kanban Board works in context of the native CRM environment and responds to all native ribbon actions available in a traditional view.

Search & Sort

Kanban Board also supports native quick search for Dynamics 365 CRM as well as gives you the option to sort lists in ascending or descending order to search records easily. This also can be done on a global level.

Sort Lists

Kanban Board enables users to sort lists in ascending or descending order to search records easily.

Unified Experience

Kanban Board can be used across devices! You can configure Kanban Board in Web, Mobile as well as in Tablet for a unified experience.

Global Sorting

Users can sort records at global level in ascending and descending order for easy analysis.


Yes, users can easily switch between Kanban view and Grid view as per their requirement. Kanban Board is a highly flexible that easily adheres to the requirement of Dynamics 365 CRM users.

Yes, user can perform all native ribbon actions on Kanban view just like it is performed on traditional CRM view.

Yes, once the user moves the cards (records) from one lane to another then the underlying field values of the records are automatically updated.

Yes, Kanban Board is a highly flexible and agile app that provides a uniform experience across Web, Mobile and Tablet for Dynamics 365 CRM users.

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Dynamics 365 v9.x/Dataverse

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