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Integration to Dynamics

A sneak peek at Integration

Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be easily integrated with other Microsoft solutions as well as other applications such as web portals, BI applications, and ERP systems

Such integration allows B2B companies and enterprises to leverage all tools and resources of Microsoft and get their business done. 


Managing end-to-end business processes becomes easier with the power of Dynamics 365 coupled with the required business applications that can be integrated.

Azure Integration Services is an offering by Microsoft Cloud for performing mission-critical integrations. It provides Azure customers with a serverless computing experience that helps drive efficiency and consistency when connecting applications.

Benefits of Integration to Dynamics

Easy Client Management

Companies can analyze Dynamics 365 CRM software to maintain customer communication, generate loyalty, target customers for marketing initiatives, and provide better customer

Smart Business Strategizing

Integration saves expenses by connecting departments, reducing the need for manual entries of data, providing real-time inventory figures, reducing labor costs, and enabling smarter business decisions

All Round Business Coverage

Dynamics 365 APIs can connect with Supply Chain members, BI Resources, etc. easily for improved business.

Efficient Technological Enhancements

It is easy to add and upgrade technology with Dynamics 365 APIs.

Compatibility across Devices

Communication exchange among Outlook, SharePoint, Office365, etc. becomes easy

Improved Scalability

Performance can be upgraded easily with updation in the users and technology

What Inogic offers


End-to-end integration support and execution of the actual integration steps for the business.

Analytical insights in the form of reports and guidance after the Integration along with Techno-Functional Consulting


Use case

Our client from the Beverage Industry followed a lot of manual processes in maintaining Excel files to capture Leads and activities related to them. All the manual processes were followed using Excel. Once the Client switched to Dynamics 365, the entire process of lead to opportunity was maintained within the CRM.

As the opportunity was converted, our integration APIs hosted in Azure ensured the transfer of the final Client data from CRM to the external database of the Company. This transfer was real-time and also drastically improved the performance. With excel files the possibility of human errors was substantially high and data records were neither centralized nor consistent.

With our integration APIs we were able to streamline and centralize the full process within the CRM itself avoiding unforced errors and saving time

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