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AI Builder Consulting & Development Services

Working of an AI Builder

Microsoft AI Builder helps in creating intelligent automation and finding insights by building tailored AI models within Power Automate.

It aids in breezily building, training, and publishing AI models with low or no code, using inbuilt templates and guided process steps, or quickly embedding prebuilt components directly into the flows.

For example,

AI Builder can read PDF images and extract the needed information from them to be applied for critical solutions and other insight builders.


Benefits of AI Builder

Comfort of Use

Enables every user without Dynamics 365 experience to develop and manage AI models with a step-by-step guided process and simplified management and governance

Helpful Inbuilt Features

With an established library of 500+ connectors, AI could be applied to all the data sources

All round Functionality

AI Builders thus empower users with predicted business forecasts, analyzed customer sentiments, processed objects in images, and more!

What Inogic offers


Optimize and Automate everyday manual operations with Power Platform Development Services

Study business requirements and offer Techno-functional Consultation with Power Platform Customization

Brainstorm the required application, convenience, end usage, etc., and design, code, and presents a compatible AI Model for the clients.


Use case

In a scenario presented to us, the Client wanted his Field Representatives to have access to the company information and all the other required details at the site they were visiting. This had to be in real-time. Using the Canvas Apps, the Professional Services Team of Inogic enabled the Card scan functionality through which Field Reps on the go were able to access and use the complete Client information in CRM.

Now, the Person-In-Charge of Scheduling the Client Appointments as well as the Field Reps from the office can view complete Client information without contacting the Field Rep on the go for it. This has made communication smooth and quick.

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