Our Cool Life @ Inogic

Essential Work-Life balance with fun activities for rejuvenation

life at inogic

Festive Fun & Frolic

Festivities such as Independence Day, Navratri, Diwali, Christmas, and so on are celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm every year at Inogic. Various activities and games are organized for Employee Engagement and Experience.

Winning Trophy

Fun Retreats

As a celebration of coming back to the office after having worked remotely for two years, the Employees and the Management together enjoyed a relaxing 2-day retreat among the woods. The hard work of the employees was rewarded with awards and recognitions during these 2 days. It was an excellent opportunity for Team Bonding 

Happy Luncheons & Dining Sessions

Regular Team Lunch & Dining Sessions are conducted for Team bonding and the exchange of ideas

Fun Games

Interesting Events & Competitions

Thanksgiving is celebrated as a token to thank the employees of Inogic for their invaluable contribution and spirited dedication to work.


September 2022 saw the Inogic Employees enjoying the fun at a coding Hackathon. The registered employees were auctioned and divided into Teams. Each Team had the choice of picking up a topic based on their domain and coming up with an idea and a befitting coding solution for the same within 48 hours. The winning Teams with exclusive solutions were awarded handsomely.

Team Inogic understands that humans being social beings need to work together to exchange ideas, object opinions, brainstorm, and excel. The working minds need to relax, enjoy, and bond to refresh and rejuvenate. It is through such engaging activities only that the Teams become strong and get the encouragement to work enthusiastically. The Management and the Human Resources at Inogic, take care of this, sincerely 


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