Change a blank Canvas into a customized App

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Power Apps - Canvas App Development Services

A peek at Canvas Apps

Canvas Apps offer plain Canvas in Microsoft Power Apps to design and build a customized Business App.

Apps can be designed using the drag-and-drop technique onto the Canvas as done in PowerPoint Presentations.

The Apps created in this manner integrate business data from a wide variety of Microsoft and third-party sources.



The Easy Working

  • Canvas Apps is compatible with Dataverse, SharePoint, etc.
  • It, being a blank Canvas, page designing is extremely flexible, and customizations could be provided based on the devices used, platforms involved, business and end-user requirements, and more.
  • Apps can be automatically generated using
    A sample app, a Template, Dataverse, SharePoint, Excel, etc.

After an app has been generated automatically, its default appearance and behavior can be customized based on the user’s workflow.

The screens, galleries, forms, other controls, data types, and more can all be customized.

Benefits of Power Apps - Canvas App

Excellent User Experience

There’s no data-driven approach involved, so, the user experience is usually more intuitive

Task-based/ Role-based solutions

Apps can be designed from being simple to complex particularly if the users do not require full use of the Microsoft tech stack

Creative Independence

No two apps will ever be exactly the same with a canvas app so you can be creative and individual with your designs

What Inogic offers


Optimize and Automate everyday manual operations with Power Platform Development Services

Study business requirements and offer Techno-functional Consultation on the look and feel of the app along with complete designing, creation, execution, and functionality

A seamless integration of existing platforms, processes, and apps using Power Platform Configuration with the new ones is also vouched for by the Services Team


Use case

One of our clients had a practice of using Excel Workbooks to maintain their Client details. These Excels were used as a shared resource, however, the distributed usage among multiple shareholders was not feasible considering the increasing number of transactions and relevant shareholders being given access to the excel.

As a solution, Team Inogic serviced them by developing a Canvas App based on the excel sheet. Now, all the Users of the Excel sheet can install this new App on their systems and enter the data in a centralized format. This protects and updates the information centrally and keeps the data congruent at all times. The Canvas App also helps in distinguishing the information and access to it can be controlled between various levels of users of the app.

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