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Why Click2Clone?

Manual data entry remains to be one of the key hindrances among Dynamics 365 CRM users. Several CRM users end up having to spend their valuable time manually cloning data from record-to-records or entity-to-entity. This can be tedious and time-consuming! So, if you would like to automate this mundane and repetitive data entry tasks – use “Click2Clone”.


Empower your Dynamics 365 CRM workflow with Click2Clone – the productivity app to replicate or copy Dynamics 365 CRM records from any out-of-the-box (OOB) or custom entities of Dynamics CRM to another record. With Click2Clone, you can effortlessly create multiple replicas of any given Dynamics 365 CRM record, alongside cloning related child records. By automating and simplifying the process of generating new records, Click2Clone significantly diminishes the time spent on repetitive data entry, thus metamorphosing into a strategic enabler of business control and agility.

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Features of Click2Clone

One-Click Cloning

The first and most obvious reason to use Click2Clone is to clone records. Copying an existing record is as straightforward as clicking a button. You can replicate notes, attachments, or custom fields. Save time and effort by creating new records based on existing ones.

Clone Automation

If you configure Click2Clone into your workflow, you can automate the cloning process without human intervention. Depending on your workflow, the cloning can be automated on demand or when the record changes.

Entity-To-Entity Cloning

Records can be cloned across entities. Users can clone records from one entity to another using Click2Clone. A user wants to copy the details of an Opportunity entity to an Order entity. Simply open a record in Opportunity entity, click on Click2Clone button, and a new record will be created for Order entity with the same details.

Deep Cloning

Deep cloning in Click2Clone involves the hierarchical cloning of records. This means you can clone all the records related to one another in the hierarchy using the deep cloning functionality. For example, if we clone an Opportunity record, we can clone its associated Quotes with the respective Quote Lines. This saves you time, effort, and maintains data consistency and integrity.

Get Records

Users can copy related/associated child records within the same entity. The “Get Records” functionality brings child records from Source record to Target record of the same entity. Simply click on the “Get Records” button within the target records and select the source record. Child records will be copied from the Source record in seconds to Target record.

Click2Clone Ebook

Copy & Conquer: Mastering Dynamics 365 CRM

Record Duplication with Click2Clone

More Features

Clone Custom Entity

Click2Clone enables you as a user to Clone/Copy both Dynamics 365 CRM OOB as well as custom entities, thereby enhancing user productivity.

Customize Cloning

Click2Clone provides you the ease of configuration along with the ability to select the fields to be carried over.

Clone Related Records

You can easily carry over large sets of related records from 1:N & N:N relationships thereby saving time and effort.

Copy Hierarchical Relationships

With Click2Clone, you can clone ‘Hierarchical relationships’ with ease making the tedious task appear effortless.

Identify Source Records

With Click2Clone you can identify the references of the source record on the cloned record and vice versa.

Update Cloned Records

With the help of workflow, Click2Clone gives the ability you to have needful updates in data of the cloned record.

Multiple Templates

Click2Clone provides easy shortcuts for cloning in case there are multiple templates available for a particular entity.

Rule-based Selection

You as a user can now select records for cloning by setting Simple or Advanced rules.

Child Templates

Click2Clone allows users to copy/clone child records based on the rule specified in Child Templates of the respective entity.


Click2Clone enables users to automate cloning of records and create multiple copies of any given record with the help of workflow.



With Click2Clone, users can clone or copy both OOB as well as custom entity records in Dynamics 365 CRM effortlessly.

One of the features of Click2Clone is to enable users to create multiple copies of the record as per their business requirement.

Yes, with Click2Clone users can easily clone records with more than 100 line items.

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