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Why Attach2Dynamics?

Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM generate and store a significant volume of data on a daily basis. Most of this data is in the form of email content attachments such as notes, documents, etc. The default storage capacity available with Dynamics 365 CRM subscription becomes woefully inadequate as your business scales. Buying additional storage is expensive and retaining the data in Dynamics 365 CRM impacts the app performance negatively.

So, move all your attachments and notes to alternative cloud storage. Save costs and sustain performance using Inogic’s Attach2Dynamics!


Attach2Dynamics is a Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse storage app that seamlessly integrates with external cloud stores like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage. It moves all your Dynamics 365 CRM attachments, notes, documents, and other files to your preferred cloud storage in real time. With Attach2Dynamics, manage all your cloud-stored files and folders associated with a CRM record right from within Dynamics 365 CRM environment. Get a simplified view of all your files and folders stored in cloud storage, perform common files and folder operations like drag and drop, upload, delete, rename, and more right from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

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Available on

Dynamics 365 9.X & above


Supported Storages

SharePoint (Online), Dropbox, Azure Blob Storage

Attach2Dynamics works great in combination with its companion product SharePoint Security Sync that can replicate Dynamics 365 CRM security model in SharePoint!


Integration of Dynamics 365 CRM with multiple cloud stores

Attach2Dynamics gives you the provision to natively integrate your Dynamics 365 CRM with multiple inexpensive file storage platforms viz SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage. This integration saves storage space and extends your Dynamics 365 CRM file management capabilities.

Real-time migration of email attachments and notes

Almost 70% of Dynamics 365 CRM storage is consumed because of email content and attachments. With Attach2Dynamics, free up all your valuable space by automatically moving all your attachments to the configured cloud storage in real time.

User-friendly interface for Document Management

View and manage all your attachments stored in cloud storage right from within your Dynamics 365 CRM. Easily drag and drop files and folders, upload, download, share links to files, and a lot more with the help of Attach2Dynamic’s user-friendly interface.

Bulk migrate history attachments to cloud storage

Got a lot of historical data in the form of documents, notes, and email content that’s taking up your disk space? Move/copy them to the configured cloud storage overnight and keep your Dynamics 365 CRM running seamlessly.

More Features

Bulk Upload

Attach2Dynamics allows users to upload files/folders for multiple selected records directly from Home Page.

Single Sign-on

With Attach2Dynamics providing support for single sign-on, all the actions can be now performed in the context of a logged-in user.

Delete Files

Users can delete unwanted files from SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage with the help of Attach2Dynamics.

Preview Files

Users can view necessary files(data) with a single click before downloading it form cloud storages using Attach2Dynamics.

Deep Search

Attach2Dynamics allows Deep search for files and folders based on the current path of the users.


Users have the option to rename the documents by selecting the required files and folders using Attach2Dynamics.

Create Folders

With the help of Attach2Dynamics, users will be able to create folders in SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage.

Copy/Move Attachments

Users can delete unwanted files from SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage with the help of Attach2Dynamics.

Configure Email Audience

Users can set default from, to, cc, and bcc for an email using the ‘Email Configuration’ feature of Attach2Dynamics.

Open Folders

Users can open record folders present on SharePoint site directly from Attach2Dynamics document management UI.


Yes, Dynamics 365 attachments/documents migrated to SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage are easily accessible. By using Attach2Dynamics UI, one can easily perform a number of actions such as view, download, email, copy link, delete, etc. on the attachments stored in any of the three cloud storages. Also, the links of migrated Note attachments are stored in the note description. For Email and Appointment entity, a note is created against the entity where the attachment links are stored.

No, there is no such limit. The user can move history attachments using ‘Bulk Migration’ feature of Attach2Dynamics. Here, user can define the period for which the attachments can be moved to cloud storages such as X weeks or X months.

Using Attach2Dynamics, you can easily set up your Dynamics 365 SharePoint Integration. For step by step guide, watch our demo video:

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