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Seamless CRM Integration with SharePoint, Dropbox and Azure Blob Storage

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Integrate Dynamics 365 CRM with Azure, Dropbox and SharePoint - Attach2Dynamics


Why Attach2Dynamics?

Businesses using Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM generate and store a significant volume of data on a daily basis. Most of this data is in the form of email content attachments such as notes, documents, etc. The default storage capacity available with Dynamics 365 subscription becomes woefully inadequate as your business scales. Buying additional storage is expensive and retaining the data in Dynamics 365 CRM impacts the app performance negatively.

So, move all your attachments and notes to alternative cloud storage. Save costs and sustain performance using Inogic’s Attach2Dynamics!


Attach2Dynamics is a document management app for Dynamics 365 CRM/Dataverse that seamlessly integrates with external cloud storage solutions like SharePoint, Dropbox, and Azure Blob Storage. It moves all your Dynamics 365 CRM attachments, notes, documents, and other files to your preferred cloud storage in real-time. With Attach2Dynamics, you can manage all your cloud-stored files and folders associated with a CRM record right from within the Dynamics 365 CRM environment. Get a simplified view of all your files and folders stored in cloud storage, perform common files and folder operations like drag and drop, upload, delete, rename, and more right from within Dynamics 365 CRM.

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