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Maps Integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM - Maplytics


Why Maplytics?

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users study client records to analyze the clients’ details better and refine business strategies as per their requirements. They tend to miss out on important locational data due to the lack of geo-location-based intelligence while viewing the CRM data. This often results in delayed or inaccurate decision-making, sub-optimal operating efficiencies, lack of real-time visibility into daily operations, inadequate control of travel expenses, and loss of productivity.

So, what’s the solution?

Integrate a comprehensive geo-mapping app that empowers business decision-makers to harness the power of geo-analytics by visualizing CRM data on the Map, and improve the quality of business strategies!


Maplytics ensures a smooth and interactive exploration of Dynamics 365 data on a map.  The integration with Bing Maps enriches data visualization, offering insights that drive informed decisions. Maplytics is a comprehensive and powerful Geospatial and Analytical Mapping solution for Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users. It is designed to enable Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM users to leverage the power of location intelligence to plot, plan, analyze, and act on their CRM data. It empowers users across industry verticals with Geographical Data Visualization, Optimized Routing, Appointment Planning, Proximity Search, Heat Maps, and Territory Management to drive better sales, improve business processes and engage customers at the right time.

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Radius Search

Radius search allows filtering records within a given Proximity/Radius around current location. Users can locate nearby customers on a map based on time/travel and view the shortest travel distance along with line of sight distance using this feature. Also, users can perform concentric proximity searches on maps within Dynamics 365 CRM from the current location for relative analysis of Dynamics CRM data.

Route Optimization

Find optimized routes to visit customer locations with the help of Maplytics. Users will be able to plot routes between locations of their choice and cover all the locations in the shortest time span. To increase the efficiency, routes can be optimized on the basis of modes of transport. Users can save these optimized route planning solutions within Dynamics 365 CRM and share them with other users through email or print them for future reference. With the inclusion of a route map, Dynamics 365 CRM gets transformed into a dynamic tool for streamlined and effective field operations, enhancing the overall efficiency of location-based activities.


Managers and Sales Reps can now easily plot way points on the map and create optimized automated schedules for multiple field agents. Each user has a separate route color assigned. Set your default preferences for Auto Scheduling Card and plot automated plan on the map and save routes and appointments in CRM. Users will be able to keep track of the appointments along with the ability to Check-In/Check-Out for the set meetings/appointments. Even set Advanced Preferences to consider the existing meetings of field reps and automatically either reschedule those meetings or add them to their schedule.

Sales Territory Management

This feature of Maplytics allows managers to create territories for Sales Reps. Territory management enables you to view shapes, regions or uploads shape/excel files that can be plotted on map to create sales territories within Microsoft Dynamics 365. User can further align the territories to get proper distribution. Managers can even auto create the territories and save territories as drafts to rework on them later.

Geocode Dynamics 365 CRM Data

Unlock the locational aspect of your Dynamics 365 CRM data by getting the geo-coordinates for the address information stored in Dynamics 365 CRM records by Geocoding maps in Microsoft Dynamics 365. With this, users can plot the CRM records on the map, create optimized routes to save travel time and costs, and much more.

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More Features

Truck Routing

Plot optimized truck routes on map with the routing solution within Dynamics 365 along with details of hazardous material carried and following routes dedicated to trucks.

POI Locations

Find nearby places of interest like Coffee Shops, Gas station, Restaurants, Parking by entering keywords and quickly setting up meeting at nearby POI locations.