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Dynamics 365 CRM Customer Service

Simplifying Customer Service

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Service is a module to address customer service automation that
  • streamlines case generation and knowledge management,

  • enables personalized service to the clients with a 360-degree customer view and

  • provides visibility into customer service department performance with well-presented Dashboards and Reports.

Case Management at a glance

  • D365 Customer Service makes a note of the Customer Complaints raised in the form of cases.

  • The time of receipt of the complaint is noted along with the reminders from the clients, initial feedback, issue resolution time, etc.

  • The entire journey of a case from the reception of the request up to its resolution is termed Case Management

  • The Service Level Agreements signed with the clients at the time of selling the products/ services have several rules and provisions.

  • Based on these provisions, the complaints get prioritized

  • The schedules of the resources on the field, are also available in the module.

  • Entitlements of the Clients such as eligibility for free service, counter updates for the number of services provided, discounted services, types of services to be provided, etc. are catered to within the Services Module

Benefits of D365 Customer Service

Multi-Channel Client Request

The customers can raise their cases through multiple channels such as live chat, voice calls, SMS, social channels, and more

Request Segregation

The product has the inbuilt ability to translate and transcript the complaint, analyze its sentiments in real-time, suggest agents based on the topic of the complaints, etc.

Automated Redirection

In case the complaint agents are busy, the complaint details could be taken up by AI-powered virtual agents

Easy Consolidation

Seamless integration with other apps across platforms with provision for scalability and upgrades

Complete Personalization

Secure and Seamless interactions as per customer convenience and requirement history

Cloud-based Solution

A SaaS solution built on the Microsoft Cloud that is easier to scale, cost-effective, and offers robust data security

What Inogic offers


Optimize and Automate everyday manual operations

Study business requirements and offer Techno-functional Consultation

Extend CRM functionalities with plug-ins, custom business apps, scripts, and more

Customize Entities, Actions, Dashboards, etc.


Use case

The query calls received by an online technical support organization were directed manually to a support agent to address. This caused many human errors. The Agent in charge of transferring the thousands of calls had to keep tabs on the skills, domain, and field of the query received and transfer the call accordingly to a relevant support agent.
Due to a plethora of queries, the queries were getting wrongly transferred, some agents were overworked while some stayed free for hours.

Team Inogic was approached to code the workflow of the process such that the queries were automatically noted from the customer, the available agents, and their skills were listed and the issues were automatically transferred to them. This made daily operations easier for all.

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