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Offshore Development Services for Dynamics 365 & Power Platform

A peek at the Offshore Development

An Offshore Delivery Center(ODC) is a virtual IT/development workforce that works on your software development project from a remote location. It is deemed that this type of company is a subsidiary of your main company or an externally hired, unrelated workforce.

Dynamics 365 Offshore Development Service can help you save up to 60% of your software development project execution expenses, particularly in terms of infrastructure.


A few more details

It is a secure location that is dedicated and customized for software development project execution. It thus is an offsite extension of your organization since the composition of the team and the installation of the infrastructure are built to follow the client’s requirements and prescribed methodologies.

The purpose of an ODC is to provide scalable technology resources, allowing you to eliminate redundant expenses.

Benefits of Offshore Development Services

Effective Cost Management

Off-shoring the work decreases direct and indirect costs, such as recruitment, supervision, compensation, Infrastructure, etc.

Quick Turnaround

With the help of Offshore development activities, the work happens simultaneously and is completed sooner with a high productivity level

Professional Technical Expertise

According to the Business needs and requirements, one can get highly qualified and experienced professionals following the highest standards in software development

What Inogic offers


Experienced services as a well-rounded ODC with attractive technology and deep developmental experience

End-to-end cost-effective offshore development services that allow full advantage of our Center of Excellence and dedicated team of certified programmers with unparalleled experience in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM Platform

Full-time/ Part-time dedicated resources to work from the office itself

Professional Services as an extended Development Team


Use case

A Solar Panel Manufacturer Client of Inogic had a small development team at their end. As the circle of their business increased, the workload also increased multi folds at the client’s side. As a result, their development team fell short of resources to manage the workload.

We provided offshore development services to them by working remotely on their project. We worked as an extended part of the client’s organization. Team Inogic worked for them but was not a part of them.

In this manner, the Services Team helped the Solar Panel manufacturers in reducing the workload of their Development Team and complimented their team to meet the deadlines.

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