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An analytical reporting tool to make visual dashboards of complex, large data, presentable, with colorful graphs, charts, etc.


Power BI Consulting & Development Services

A glance at the Analytical Tool


Traditional reporting tools like SSRS required development skills to customize them to any specific requirements.

Come Power BI and the power to slice and dice information is in the hands of the users. Over the years, Power BI has become one of the Top Analytical tools of its genre.

Power BI Dashboards

With the ability to incorporate Power BI Dashboards right within Dynamics 365 CRM, the users have access to reports without having to navigate to an external application.

 The plethora of complex data that is analyzed is presented in the form of charts, graphs, etc. in vibrant color schemes. Important Analytical and Performance Reports too can be generated at ease in this manner.


Power BI Desktops

These allow you to connect to multiple data sources including the ODATA service of Microsoft Dynamics 365. The flexibility of Power BI can be observed across CRM data, SQL data, CSV Files, and more.

Power BI Online

Natural language query with Power BI Online, allows you to create complex reports that would provide results for queries requested in the form of natural questions like “Sales for Month of June” or “Opportunity pipeline for 2nd Quarter”

Benefits of Power BI

Seamless System Integration

Power BI integrates easily with your existing business environment allowing you to adopt analytics and reporting capabilities.

Easy Analytics

Power BI is easy and you have the freedom to get insights with the data you have, whether it’s Excel Spreadsheets, Cloud Services, Streaming Data, or On-Premises database.

Real-Time Updates

Get instant insights about your business with real-time Power BI dashboards.

What Inogic offers


Optimize and Automate everyday manual operations

Study business requirements and offer Techno-functional Consultation, Power Platform Customization, etc.

Assistance with the setup, development, and configuration of Power BI reports for easy to complex reporting needs.

Assist businesses by shouldering the complex operations of revamping the intricate processes in the background related to Power BI such that reporting, analyzing, and presenting becomes quick and visually pleasing!


Use case

One of our clients wanted sales performances and forecasting reports based on the data from CRM and their external databases under one roof.

We developed Power BI reports by consolidating data from both CRM and external databases and performing complex queries by which the client was able to see the yearly, and quarterly sales performance of the organization.

Our reports included the ones like weekly tracking of how many deals were won, how many deals were lost, the employees’ performance in closing deals/losing deals, and the employee commissions/incentives based on complex calculations.
With the help of Power BI, we showed reports on current performance and also were able to show some forecasting on upcoming sales on the historical data as well.

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