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By | August 19, 2023

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

Sales is a challenging and competitive field that requires constant effort, skill, and strategy. One of the key factors that determine the success of a sales team is how efficiently and effectively they can manage their leads and opportunities and how quickly and smoothly they can close deals. However, many sales processes are still manual, repetitive, and time-consuming, which can result in lost productivity, missed opportunities, and lower conversion rates.

In this blog, we will explore how Inogic’s Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app can help you automate your lead assignment processes which in turn helps to improve lead conversion rates.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation is a Microsoft AppSource preferred app by Inogic.

It assists organizations in automating the process of assigning and distributing leads to sales representatives within the organization. The app automatically assigns leads to the appropriate salesperson based on predefined custom rules and criteria. This eliminates delays caused by manual lead assignments and ensures that leads are promptly addressed by the right salesperson, leading to faster lead conversion and shorter sales cycles.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app comes with the following top features:

  • Create Teams and Queues of Sellers
  • Round Robin Assignment Rule
  • Capacity Assignment Rule
  • Lead Assignment Dashboard

So, let us dive deep into each of the features above.

Create Teams and Queues of Sellers

To automatically assign leads to salespeople based on various assignment rules, businesses need to create queues of salespeople in Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. Businesses can create queues based on their needs, like queues of top-performing salespeople. Or creating queues based on collaboration where each salesperson can overcome the shortcomings of others.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

 Round Robin Assignment Rule

By selecting the assignment rule as Round Robin in Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app, businesses can automatically assign leads in sequential order.

For example, if you have added 3 salespeople to a queue namely – Annie, Bill, and Maxwell Then, based on the Round Robin assignment rule, the first lead will be assigned to Annie, the second lead to Bill, the third lead to Maxwell, and when the fourth lead comes in, it will again be assigned to Annie. Ensuring an automated and fair distribution of work.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

Capacity Assignment Rule

By selecting the capacity assignment rule in Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation app, businesses can assign leads based on the individual capacity of salespeople.

Let us say that 1 lead equals 5 units. Now Annie has a current capacity of 5 units, User Bill has 10 units, and Maxwell has 20 units. As the leads arrive, they are systematically allocated to Annie, Bill, and Maxwell. As per their capacities, Annie will be assigned 1 new lead, Bill will be assigned 2 new leads, and Maxwell will be assigned 4 new leads. The ‘Available Capacity’ field is automatically updated based on the user’s capacity. If Annie closes a lead, the ‘Available Capacity’ field will show 5 units for Annie, making her eligible for new leads. This process ensures that leads are assigned to users according to their available capacities.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

Lead Assignment Dashboard

Lead Assignment Dashboard presents a clear and visual depiction of both assigned and unassigned leads through insightful charts and graphs. This visual representation not only enhances the understanding of lead distribution but also aids in strategic decision-making. Moreover, the dashboards allow for real-time tracking of individual sales representative performance, specifically in their efforts to engage and convert the leads assigned to them.

Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation

Using an automated lead assignment solution with an effective lead assignment strategy can really help you go leaps and bounds. And not only this, this app also lets you assign other work items along with leads like cases, opportunities, and more.

When you dive deep into the 15 days free trial of our 5-star rated app, do follow the below best practices shared by our product experts and other customers.

5 Best Practices for an Effective Lead Assignment Strategy

Define Clear Lead Segmentation

Before implementing the app, define specific criteria for lead segmentation. For example, creating lead segments for leads with source as website and then assigning these leads to a queue created for nurturing website leads. Having a well-defined segment ensures that leads are assigned to the most suitable representatives.

Configure Assignment Rules

Leverage the app’s configuration options to set up assignment rules based on the segmentation criteria. Ensure that these rules are regularly updated to accommodate changing business needs. Like you want to assign leads based on geographical area or assign based on the lead source, and more.

Utilize Lead Scoring

Implement lead scoring to further refine lead assignment. Leads with higher scores can be assigned to senior sales representatives, while those with lower scores can be directed to junior members or entered into nurturing campaigns.

Implement Follow-up Automation

Set up automated follow-up processes to ensure that assigned leads are consistently engaged. This can include automated emails, task reminders, and scheduled calls.

Monitor and Iterate

Continuously monitor the performance of your lead assignment and distribution processes through lead assignment dashboards. Use analytics to identify patterns, bottlenecks, and areas for improvement. Continually adapt your strategies based on insights and analysis.


Shortening sales cycles and improving conversion rates are perpetual goals for businesses. The Lead Assignment and Distribution Automation App offers a powerful solution to achieve these objectives. By automating lead allocation and personalizing engagement, companies can effectively harness their sales team’s potential and drive growth. The app’s ability to provide insights and facilitate continuous improvement ensures that businesses stay agile and adaptable in their pursuit of sales success.

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