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Outsourcing: 5 Secrets to a More Productive and Balanced Life in 2024 and Beyond!

Gerard had mastered the art of outsourcing since the raw age of 8 when he would pass on his English homework to his elder sister, Grace whilst he pulled in some extra minutes of practice at the field. In return, he smuggled cupcakes into the house for her, sold at his field’s canteen. Although he… Read More »

Strategies for Success in Dynamics 365 CRM Offshore Development: Navigating Cultural and Operational Complexity!

Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM offers a plethora of robust features and capabilities, making it a highly sought-after solution for businesses aiming to enhance their customer relationship management processes. Dynamics 365 offshore development services can be a great way to leverage the benefits of this platform while reducing costs, gaining access to a wider talent pool,… Read More »

Charts Customization in Dynamics 365 CRM Wave2

Introduction In Dynamics CRM wave2 many enhancements are added. The additional charts customization options are added in the wave2. Charts are used to show a visual representation of the data. To make chart visualization more friendly and attractive, in wave2 following options are provided. It includes the addition of support for gridline color, grid tick… Read More »

Providing XML as an input to your Custom Connector Actions

One of the projects we were working on was to integrate with a third-party API that accepted input in the XML format. This is a quick tip on how to pass XML in the action body when it expects JSON. When you try to create a request and add XML string to the body, you… Read More »

Link custom entity record with another entity using Timeline Post

Introduction Let’s consider a scenario, you have a custom entity called Resources and you want to link Resource 1 record in any other entity using Timeline post. So here, by default, you won’t be able to link custom entity record. You can see that by default, the below list of OOB entities are allowed to… Read More »

How to get rid of More information required screen after spinning up a new trial

Introduction Lately, if you have spun up any trial you might have come across the below screen every time you try to sign in. It’s Microsoft’s concept of Security Defaults. If your tenant was created on or after October 22nd, 2019, Microsoft has enforced Security Defaults to most of the environments that are getting created.… Read More »

New way for creating and updating records in Dynamics 365 CRM

Introduction We often need to create or update records in bulk in Dynamics 365 CRM and there are several methods available to do so. The Import Data feature enables us to create and update the records in Dynamics 365 CRM. Further, the Bulk Edit button and Excel Online within Dynamics 365 CRM helps us to… Read More »

Create Records quickly in Dynamics 365 CRM by using new Microsoft Wave 2 feature – Business Card Scanner

Introduction: With the growth of machine learning and artificial intelligence in our day to day life, Microsoft is also embracing ML and AI in Dynamics 365 CRM. With the recent Wave 2 general availability release, Microsoft has added some really good features and one them is – Business Card Scanner. Microsoft has combined its latest… Read More »