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Maps integration within Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps – Auto Scheduling, Territory Management and more smart upgrades in December release!

It’s time for an upgrade! We are thrilled to announce the latest December 2020 release for your favorite mapping solution within Dynamics 365 CRM / Power Apps. This release enhances highly useful Map Dynamics 365 CRM features for the management teams of businesses, features like Auto Scheduling, Territory Management, Detail Map PCF control, and Security… Read More »

Get Subgrid Information from the PCF Context

Introduction Recently we were working on a PCF dataset control that can be configured on the Home grid as well as on the subgrid. So while developing the control there were few queries such as what data can we get from the context object regarding the Subgrid. For example, the Subgird label, View ID, Relationship… Read More »

Leverage the potential of Text Translation AI model in Dynamics 365 Apps

Introduction Microsoft is continuously adding new Prebuilt AI models which are very easy to use. Currently, there are a few new prebuilt AI models that Microsoft recently introduced, two of them are: 1) Text Translation 2) Receipt Processing model. For Receipt Processing Model, you can check out our blog here. In this blog, we will… Read More »

Converting DateTime field in a different format in Power Automate using formatDateTime function

Introduction In this blog, we can see how we can convert DateTime type field to the various format using formatDateTime function. Please find the syntax of formatDateTime function: formatDateTime(DATE_TIME_VALUE,DATE_TIME_STRING_FORMAT) Scenario: One of our clients wanted to see the last modified date and time of individual Account record. Also, he wants to see this modified date… Read More »

Release 2020 Wave 2 – Agent Scripts and Macros as part of Customer Service workspace explored

In the earlier post, we had a look at the Customer Service workspace app with its Smart assist feature. In this part we will have a look at the capabilities to assist the agent and aid them with the help of Agent Scripts and Macros. Agent Scripts: These could be used to provide the agents… Read More »

Daily, Weekly or Monthly – Now set targets for Dynamics 365 CRM users and track their performance smartly!

User Adoption Monitor – a Preferred App on Microsoft AppSource – is a productivity app that monitors and tracks the actions performed by enabled users in Dynamics 365 CRM/Power Apps. Recently, three new additional features of User Adoption Monitor were released and in our previous blog, we gave you detailed information on one of those… Read More »

Set the subject hierarchy field on Products, Cases, Sales Literature and Articles using Easypro

Introduction EasyRepro is an automated UI testing framework that helps developers perform unit testing on Dynamics 365 CRM. Even though it helps a lot for UI testing, still there are some shortcomings due to which we cannot perform certain actions on Dynamics 365 CRM. In this blog, we will be tackling one such issue of… Read More »

Using Barcode or QR Code Scanner Control in Custom HTML Page in Resco Mobile App

Introduction Recently we had a business requirement where we needed to scan the barcode/QR Code of the Customer Asset entity record so it can show its information on the HTML page on the home screen of the Resco Mobile App. To achieve this, we followed the below steps: 1. We developed an HTML Page with… Read More »

Design Mode – Edit Data in Excel

Introduction In our previous blog, we explained a New way for creating and updating records in Dynamics 365 CRM. This blog post will be dedicated towards making sure the columns available in the Excel worksheet to create/update data are tailored as per the organization’s need. After following the steps mentioned in our previous blogpost, you’d… Read More »

Multi-Session Customer Service workspace app now available with 2020 Release Wave 2

As part of the 2020 Release Wave 2, you would have already most likely seen a new Customer Service App added to your environments, the Customer Service workspace app. * This app requires Customer Service Enterprise subscription: Ref This app is a Customer Service APP with multi-session capabilities. It is not the first app that… Read More »