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Format input values into different user input formats using Formatting API in PCF Control

Introduction In the previous blog, we have explained the Formatting API of PCF Control where we used the Formatting API to format the input values. Earlier, we used different Formatting API methods to format the number and date values. In this blog, we will introduce a new Formatting API method (formatUserInput) that formats the given… Read More »

Exclusive sneak peek at the new Virtual PCF Component

Introduction: If you build PCF components then you must be aware that to create a standard control we render it on the container, which is provided in the PowerApps Component Framework. Microsoft has introduced a new type of control named Virtual Control. As the name suggests, this control creates and renders on the Virtual DOM.… Read More »

Image Classification model by Microsoft Lobe in Power Apps – Part 1

Introduction: With the growth in technology we have seen an incline towards the technologies related to Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in our day-to-day life. In recent few years Microsoft has been pushing Low-Code/ No-Code ideology and have been incorporating ML and AI technologies in their PCF control, AI Builder Models, etc. Evidence of this… Read More »

Execute Commands Programmatically in PCF Dataset Component

Introduction: Recently, we came across a new method in PCF – retrieveRecordCommand. This method will help us to retrieve the related commands for specific record(s). It also gives the flexibility to retrieve only specific commands that the user wants to see. So, let’s see a scenario in which this method would come handy. Let’s say… Read More »

How to use the SetValue and Save Methods in PCF Dataset Component

Introduction: As new features and functionalities are being introduced in PowerApps Component Framework, we have observed many new methods in the PCF Dataset Component. In this blog, we will discuss about the new entity record methods which are going to replace the WebApi update methods and custom requests to update the records in the dataset… Read More »

Create Multi Select Optionset using PCF Control

Introduction: Recently in one of our project, we had come acorss a requirement where we needed to create a PCF control for multi select optionset field  with which user can visualize the values in a list form. In the new updates of PowerApps Component Framework, with the help of MultiSelectOptionSet type property, now we can… Read More »