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How to read the value from a Flip Switch Control in EasyRepro?

Introduction: Over time we have seen how by using EasyRepro we can perform UI Automation testing in Dynamics 365 CRM by getting and setting values in fields of different datatypes. In EasyRepro we do find predefined methods to get and set values of fields of different data types. However, recently while creating an automation project… Read More »

How to Set Value in A Regarding Field Using Easyrepro in Dynamics CRM

Introduction Using Easyrepro we can perform UI Automation testing in Dynamics CRM by setting values in fields of different datatypes. Recently while working with Easyrepro we wanted to set a value in the Regarding field of the Email record. However, the code below which is used to set the value in a lookup field doesn’t… Read More »

Set the subject hierarchy field on Products, Cases, Sales Literature and Articles using Easypro

Introduction EasyRepro is an automated UI testing framework that helps developers perform unit testing on Dynamics 365 CRM. Even though it helps a lot for UI testing, still there are some shortcomings due to which we cannot perform certain actions on Dynamics 365 CRM. In this blog, we will be tackling one such issue of… Read More »

How to Add an Existing Record into a Subgrid in Dynamics 365 CRM Using EasyRepro

Introduction EasyRepro provides automatic testing in Dynamics 365 CRM. It also gives the power to interact with Subgrid of Dynamics 365 CRM. However, it carries some limitations along with its benefits, like adding an existing record in the Subgrid, which we are going to cover up in this blog. We will show you a generic… Read More »

EasyRepro – Retrieve record to validate test case

Introduction EasyRepro is the library that provides Dynamics 365 CRM developers the ability to facilitate automated UI testing. It provides several methods to interact with Dynamics 365 CRM UI and allows us to use those to perform automated UI testing. In this blog, we will share one hack that we used to validate the test… Read More »

EasyRepro – Open record using Grid.OpenRecord() in Dynamics 365 Unified Interface

Introduction EasyRepro is a framework which is used to automate UI testing for dynamics customers Projects. Problem Grid.OpenRecord() method is used for opening the record from home page. This method opens the record by clicking on the first available anchor tag in the list of records, which makes it necessary to have the first column… Read More »